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Watershed Group

Watershed, a family-owned business with multiple facilities across Europe, had been using Label Traxx even before some of their recent acquisitions. Before implementing Label Traxx, Watershed faced challenges in making informed investment decisions due to a lack of precise data on various operational metrics like average run rates, throughput numbers, and press utilization. Introducing Label Traxx helped Watershed capture better data and facilitated more informed decision-making.

Company Name: Watershed Group

Customer: Kirwan Waters, Business Director

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“There are improvements across the board. We’re able to manage inventory far more effectively, able to order far more effectively, and manage cash flows better.”


  • Acquiring reliable data to better guide investment decisions.
  • Finding a trustworthy, suitable MIS/ERP to guide day-to-day operations
  • Modernizing their daily operations
  • Reducing the risk of quality issues.
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  • Improved reporting and trust in quantitative data 
  • More efficient inventory and capacity management
  • Improved cash flow management and fewer mistakes
  • Clearer communication channels
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The Story

Watershed's background

The Watershed Group, founded in 1992, is an international print packaging company that has grown from a single production facility in Dublin, Ireland, to facilities across Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Poland. They are an international supplier of self-adhesive labels and packaging. The company, directed by Kirwan Waters, specializes in premium food and beverage markets, and also have a significant presence in pharmaceuticals and automotive sectors, catering primarily to household markets.

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