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Nev's Ink

Label Traxx helped Nev’s Ink to efficiently manage its operations, track employee productivity, and adapt quickly to rush orders. Notably, Label Traxx’s Stock Products module enhanced inventory management, enabling fast and accurate location of stock items and swift order fulfillment. 

Company Name: Nev’s Ink

Customer: Gary Neverman, Founder

Label Traxx customer since: 1996

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“Label Traxx is very flexible and becoming more flexible with each new version. The system is affordable, and software support is excellent.”


  • Goal: maximize quality, minimize turnaround time, and provide consistent service to customers
  • Struggling to keep track of finished goods inventory
  • Orders and invoices manually processed
  • Customer service spending a lot of time liaising with customers regarding order status
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  • Finished goods inventory issues eliminated with the Label Traxx stock products module
  • Customers can view order information 24/7 via the eTraxx web portal
  • Label Traxx provides an end-to-end integrated program that handles everything from estimate to invoice
  • Raw materials barcoded and tracked electronically in real time
  • Nev’s Ink has grown while also improving quality, turnaround and customer service
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The Story

Gary Neverman is a person who likes to study things extensively before taking action. Before he started Nev’s Ink, located in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, suburb of Waukesha, he learned the business inside-out—but as a sales representative for another label producer. Today, the two-shift, five-days-a-week operation at Nev’s Ink ships specialty labels, primarily to the health care market, throughout the United States and Canada, and to seven other countries. Neverman’s goal is to maximize quality, minimize turnaround time, and provide consistent service to customers.

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