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Louisville Label

The integration of Label Traxx into Louisville Label’s operations marked a significant technological advancement. Despite initial hesitations due to a sales manager’s aversion to computers, Label Traxx was eventually adopted for its ease of use and compatibility with existing systems. The software plays a crucial role in various aspects of the business, including order entry, estimating, accounts receivable, inventory, and stock products management.

Label Traxx has been instrumental in enhancing Louisville Label’s customer service. Additionally, Label Traxx’s inventory aging feature, augmented with color-coded labels for stock identification, has streamlined their production process.

Company Name: Louisville Label

Customer: Anne Diemer, President

Label Traxx user since: Mid-1990s

“We pride ourselves on our customer service. Label Traxx helps us provide good service because information about customer orders and history are so readily available.”


  • Finding a program that was Mac compatible
  • Whether to take the risk as an early adopter of Label Traxx
  • Accounting was not integrated
  • Manual-based systems and few computers in the business
  • Looking for a system to help manage raw material inventory and finished goods inventory
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  • Customer service is able to react to customers quickly and accurately due to fast access to customer data
  • Estimating is reliable and accurate, and customer service only need to check high value quotes with management
  • Label Traxx was able to provide a system to run on the Mac computers Louisville was comfortable with
  • Invoicing is integrated
  • Inventory management systems save time give real-time visibility for customer service and purchasing
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The Story

If you visit Louisville Label, you would be well advised to bring treats. Not donuts or a box of candy. Bring dog biscuits or bones. As president Anne Diemer explains: “Louisville Label is all about family—and dogs!” The family part of the company is easy to understand. The dog part takes some explanation.

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