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ID Images

ID Images, a leading group of label companies in North America, is comprised of 16 modern manufacturing facilities serving a broad range of unique industries and geographies. The company’s long-term partnership with Label Traxx has positioned the organization to serve customers effectively, innovate and grow rapidly.

Company Name: ID Images

Customer: Richie Muniak, Chief Information Officer

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“I get a kick out of experts who claim to know Label Traxx is designed for small companies. I’m currently running over 400 users on two systems supporting our North American Operations. That seems kind of big to me.”


  • Integrating newly acquired companies onto our multi-site ERP as new locations, without compromising quality or service
  • Executing at a high level as the range of products and services expands
  • Serving industries with a range of unique requirements: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Health & Beauty, Automotive, Electronics and more.
  • Ensuring the technology platform would scale and enable innovation instead of being an obstacle.
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  • New companies successfully integrated and running on a centralized business management system
  • Confident employees leveraging systems to effectively serve customers
  • Accelerated growth and innovation
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The Story


Established in 1995, ID Images has grown to become an award-winning label manufacturer with 16 facilities across North America. Through organic growth and acquisitions, the company is focused on building the scale, capabilities and the team to deliver world-class label solutions, fast service, and unmatched expertise to their valued customers.

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