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Ellco Etikett

Ellco Etikett, a Norwegian label printing company established in 1985, has strategically addressed quality control and operational challenges by adopting Label Traxx in 2015. This helped modernize their business systems after evaluating their experiences with other ERPs. Their decision, influenced by the need for an intuitive and specialized solution for label printing, helped them modernize their daily operations to save time and produce more predictable results.

Company Name: Ellco Etikett

Customer: Christian Egedius, CEO

Label Traxx customer since: 2015

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“I started looking for systems that have a good track record of label printing customers. We ended up with the one that we saw as the most intuitive system.”


  • Excessive time with manual operations
  • Finding the right ERP for label printers
  • Modernizing their daily operations
  • Reducing the risk of quality issues.
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  • Saved time from manual operations
  • More transparency with their data and reporting
  • Reduction in quality errors
  • Better team communication
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The Story

Ellco Etikett's background

Ellco Etikett, founded in Norway in 1985, is an operation of 25 employees. With about a 7 million Euro annual turnover, Ellco has a mix of direct and distributor customers, a diversified market base, and focuses on blank to heavily embellished labels.

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