Take control of your label print MIS workflow: invoicing

Cash is king. The sooner you send out your invoices, the sooner you will get paid. Every day saved on receivable aging will improve your cash flow – and it’s something you have complete control of. So, how often do you invoice at the moment? Here’s a couple of ideas to decrease those all important days to pay:

  1. Put a system in place so that you can create invoices quickly and accurately and then send them out the same day – or the next day at a minimum. In fact, ideally the invoice will be created as soon as the product has been shipped.
  2. Next you need to get your invoice into your customer’s hands as quickly as possible. Email it to your customer. Take the time and cost of printing, faxing and posting out of the equation, and eliminate the risk of paperwork going missing.
  3. An accurate invoice will get paid faster. The prices should match those quoted in the estimate – that includes your price per thousand and the cost of any extras such as dies and plates. Any discrepancy will mean that your invoice gets set aside for querying and your payment will be delayed.

An integrated MIS will ensure that price discrepancies and errors do not take place between estimating and invoicing. The nature of integration means that estimated prices will pull through to the order and then the invoice. And a good system will have the job in a queue to be invoiced as soon as a delivery note or packing slip is issued.

Label and narrow web software with integrated accounting

Invoicing in Label Traxx takes seconds – price details and purchase order charges are pulled from the job ticket detail and the quantity shipped comes from the delivery note. Absolutely no free-typing is required in accounts. Contact us for a demo.