Mobile Scanners

Live inventory scanning with Zebra scanners

Do you need a mobile way to scan your roll inventory and allocate rolls to certain jobs?

Inventory is not stored near your computer — your ability to manage your inventory should travel with you into your warehouse.

If you use barcoded tracking for your roll inventory, Zebra scanners give you the flexibility of mobile inventory intake and management. The scanners connect to your wireless network and deliver tracking of your inventory back to Label Traxx.

Features & benefits

  • Live inventory scanning
  • No uploads required
  • Edit roll location — change on a per roll basis
  • Allocate rolls to current tickets
  • Access all details of a roll with a simple scan

Perform monthly inventory on your roll stock in the warehouse, allocate rolls to tickets, and receive inventory into the warehouse from the loading dock.

Mobile scanner multiple devices UI

New Version 9 functionality

  1. Mark rolls as used to remove from physical inventory
  2. Modify individual roll MSI costs
  3. Improved traceability; assign the manufacturer's roll IDs to current inventory

Zebra TC21 Mobile Scanner

We provide the same functionality that is available in our existing scanners on newer, less expensive, more reliable hardware — the Android based, Zebra TC21 mobile scanner.

Zebra scanner with side view

How it works


Purchase the Zebra TC21 mobile scanner from a Zebra authorized reseller


Download the Label Traxx roll management software from the Google Play store.


License the software with Label Traxx to use the software and receive support.

Want to learn more about roll management with Label Traxx?

Send our team a message and we can demonstrate the integration.

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