Auto Traxx


Do you want to automate the collection of costing data from your presses and finishing equipment?

Capturing costs on the product floor has to be accomplished as efficiently as possible, ideally in a manner that doesn’t create unnecessary labor costs. The capture of label count, materials used, and running speeds can be onerous. Auto Traxx is an ideal solution for managing roll stock for short runs of digital labels.

The Auto Traxx encoder wheel is mounted on any digital or flexo press or finishing equipment. The encoder keeps track of labels produced, materials consumed, and press speed. The operator can easily read these vital statistics for the job. Auto Traxx installs in minutes.

Auto Traxx Allows You To:

  • Auto Traxx provides real-time statistics for the press operator
  • Increases the accuracy of your inventory management and tracking, especially for short run jobs
  • Provides traceability to the original roll when a single roll is used on multiple jobs
  • Improves accuracy of the data collected for each order
  • Warns operator if incorrect material is mounted on the press