Siteline for Label Traxx

Subscription Services

Are you wasting your customers time?

Your customers are buying everything online, why can't they engage with their label printer online? Every modern business is expected to offer online access to do business with them - your label business is no exception.

Now your customers can have an online view into the business they are doing with you through Siteline. Think of Siteline as your configurable interface for customers to help themselves to the label specifications, artwork, and orders they are placing with you.

Siteline for Label Traxx is a customer interface that gives your customers a view into the data stored in Label Traxx. Depending on the configuration choices you select for each customer, you can show customers their Order History, a repository of all the labels they order from you with easy re-ordering, and the ability to collaborate with customers on new orders.

  • Enables your customers to help themselves
  • Shows your customer complete order history and order status
  • Presents all Custom and Stock products sold to your customer's
  • Allows easy re-ordering
  • Engages your customer in online collaboration
  • All orders flow into Label Traxx (no re-entry)