Quality Control

Optional Modules

Are you making quality errors due to communication errors?

Let’s face it, most of the knowledge about how to get labels through your manufacturing process is locked up inside the heads of your employee’s. From their day-to-day experience they just “know” how to handle specific customers, tools, and presses.

With Label Traxx Quality Control, you can start systematically pulling organizational knowledge of your business and make it available to all relevant people working in your business. When new employees are initiated, in addition to your staff led training, they can refer to the quality control processes and notes to quicken their on-the-job learning.

This module was created to assist you in improving your shop-wide quality control and documentation of quality issues and costs. It is also a great tool for training new employees or cross-training current employees. The module includes the following five sections: Quality Procedures, Return Materials, Non-conforming Materials, Complaint Log and Documentation.

Quality Control Allows You To:

  • Improve shop-wide quality by embedding recommended procedures into the workflow
  • Configurable interface for the capture, storage, and display of recommended procedures for all production events
  • Capture and display customer-specific procedures
  • Record product returns with reason codes and corrective actions for reporting purposes
  • Record non-conforming materials from vendors
  • Store and present OSHA & ISO requirements systematically