Cloud API

Integrate Label Traxx with your business processes and systems

Communicate with your Label Traxx server to accomplish various tasks and gain meaningful insights about your data.

Label Traxx’s Cloud API can be used to interact with your Label Traxx server and process data across modules. Some common use cases include querying objects to retrieve data on customers, prospects, packing slips, inventory, suppliers, etc. Additionally, users can create records in Label Traxx through the API, such as customers, inventory, tools, invoices, tickets, and more.

The Cloud API allows users to efficiently interact with their data and Label Traxx records. Use the HTTP API to single cloud gateway to securely connect to the Label Traxx server.

Cloud API features & benefits

  • Single URL connecting API to your server
  • Read / Write for Label Traxx entities
  • Public API documenting calls (Swagger)
  • Arguments for each call
  • Ability to try it out and retrieve results
  • Build integrations with minimal support

Our Cloud API documentation uses Swagger to deliver
an experience in which anyone can test.

Here are the steps to test the API:

1. Click the Authorize button.
2. Enter the API key.
3. Select an API call and click Try It Out.
4. Enter details and submit.

Interested in trying Label Traxx’s Cloud API?

Visit our production instance and see the calls in action.

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