Stock Products

Label Traxx Foundation

Do you have full visibility of the exact quantity and cost of your finished goods inventory at any one time – and do you trust that data?

Successfully managing finished goods inventory is partly about trusting the data you have on quantity and cost, but also about having an overview of open orders and what’s currently in production, so you can make the right decision about volumes to manufacture.

Label Traxx gives you visibility of all finished goods transfers into and out of stock and tracks costs. Any items that are bought and resold, such as ribbons and printers also flow through the module, giving total control of your stocked items.

Reporting Allows You To:

  • Manage finished goods inventory
  • Buy and resell items like ribbons and printers
  • Calculate manufacturing quantities based on fulfilling stock orders
  • Manage inventory cost
  • Sell the same label to multiple customers
  • Track the cost of batches of finished goods moving into stock
  • Set expiry times on stock
  • Provide stock product estimates for customers
  • Manage price breaks for different customers
  • Access a library of previously created custom reports