Label Estimating

Label Traxx Foundation

Is your label estimating accurately representing your costs and done consistently no matter who creates the estimate?

Estimating is the pivotal business function that either sets you up to succeed (plenty of margin) or dooms you to failure (selling jobs at a loss). When label converters are confident and consistent with their estimating process, they produce higher margins and have the knowledge at their fingertips to understand how competitive they can be without losing money on a job.

Label Traxx estimating is where we capture all the details about your business (prospects, customers, equipment, dies, tooling, stocks, and labor costs), making Label Traxx work specifically for your business.

Estimating Allows You To:

  • Drive and monitor consistent quoting across your entire business
  • Estimate up to six quantities simultaneously
  • Generate detailed customer estimates for print or digital delivery
  • Compare crossover costs between two presses
  • Search for tooling, stock, and print cylinders
  • Tune your pricing while monitoring your profitability
  • Access customer estimating history, including win/loss ratio