CRM Essentials

Label Traxx Foundation

Do you have any visibility into the prospects your sales team is chasing?

The sales role can turnover often. That’s why it’s important to have a single repository of all prospects so you can quickly recover from sales turnover. The mere fact of tracking sales activity in a centralized place can be used to drive more effective sales behaviors.

Label Traxx is not a full CRM because we found that full CRM solutions are overkill for most label converters. Building some CRM-lite functionality into Label Traxx is advantageous because you then use one system of record to track customers from their very first sales inquiry all the through their ordering process.

Label Traxx CRM Essentials enables you to use one system of record to track a customer from their very first sales inquiry all the way through to their ordering patterns.

CRM Essentials Allows You To:

  • Track prospects (companies, contacts, activity history)
  • Convert a prospect to a Label Traxx customer
  • Track user defined fields about prospects
  • Track all estimates provided to prospects
  • Monitor activity with prospects
  • Track sales activity by sales representative
  • Track prospect – customer conversions by sales representative