JDF (Job Definition Format)


Automation continues to be the key to reducing your overhead costs and cutting back the bottleneck caused by many small jobs in production. Reducing or eliminating unnecessary operator intervention and increasing the reliability of the data flow can only improve your bottom line.

JDF (Job Definition Format) was created by the printing industry to standardize the information flowing between the management information system and prepress software or equipment. This standardization provides consistency and reliability from job to job. Label Traxx JDF Link provides a link employing JDF/JML technology to connect to prepress software, the first being Esko Automation Engine (formerly BackStage).

The bi-directional communication assures that job status is visible throughout the company. Label Traxx file planning tools coupled with AE step-and-repeat tools can cut up to 90% of the time from large multi-version orders.

This integration tool offers:

  • Detailed production parameters, including label dimensions, press, finishing instructions, registration marks, color strategy, step-and-repeat details, and more
  • Immediate status updates when files are received and proof is ready or approved
  • Simplification and structure for the management of art files for each label
  • A complete web-to-print flow with optional human intervention when used with e-Traxx Digital
  • Notification to the customer that the proof is ready for viewing when AE has prepared it and uploaded it to e-Traxx

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