Data Warehouse

Access your Label Traxx data from the cloud in a reporting database

Full database access to continuously updated data from your Label Traxx system

Our Data Warehousing module provides automatic, real-time data replication from the Label Traxx application to a cloud resident, SQL based database for reporting and data access.

It eliminates the need for proprietary database expertise and is designed for BI reporting. It also provides access for third party apps.

Features & benefits

  • Eliminate reliance on ODBC integration to 4D
  • Continuous update
  • Integrate with Label Traxx data
  • Optimized schema and up-to-date data
  • Secure data transmission and storage
  • Allows blending with other data sources

Business Intelligence

Designed for BI Reporting

Use Label Traxx's Cloud Data Warehouse to connect to your reporting platform of choice. Business Intelligence tools allow users to create and customize their own reports with filters and allow businesses to make data-driven decisions.


Upgrade to Label Traxx Version 9


Open firewall for API access


Establish secure access to Postgres database

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