Sneak preview of HP Indigo, Esko and Label Traxx collaboration

Integrating your label print MIS with prepress

If you visited us on the HP Indigo stand at Labelexpo in Chicago, you were probably shown the results of an exciting beta project between Esko, Label Traxx and HP Indigo. HP Indigo press users saw a new interface in Label Traxx that drops an art file into Esko’s Automation Engine prepress software and indicates the possible color strategies to print that label. Most notably it indicates whether the job can be printed using HP Indigo’s “Enhanced productivity mode” (EPM). EPM can print a four-color job using only three inks instead of four by eliminating black ink. Any dark areas or black on the label is made up of cyan, magenta and yellow. EPM enables digital label converters to produce color jobs faster, while generating savings on the ink cost.

Label Traxx has an option in the press record to apply EPM when calculating job costs and quoting them to a customer. However, the challenge for many HP Indigo digital label printers is that they don’t know at the point of estimating whether that file can be run EPM. The new interface means that anyone in the business can query art files and they don’t need prepress training or to understand Automation Engine. They can easily see how many colors are required to print the job, and therefore whether it is possible to print the file using EPM.

The feature will be available in a future version of Label Traxx once Esko has released the capability in their Automation Engine software. Drop us a line if you’d like to see a demo.