Siteline for Label Traxx Artwork Proof Approvals Module Launches

Label Traxx introduces the Siteline Artwork Proof Approvals Module:

Does Your Current Artwork Proofing Process do this?
CONSUMES too much time from both your CSRs and your customers
CREATES a lot of unnecessary artifacts (new PDFs for every version, lots of emails, voicemails, texts)
GENERATES “version uncertainty” which can result in printing errors
CHALLENGING to easily audit (requires you to mine individual inboxes)
DISCONNECTED from Label Traxx your system of record for Custom Products

Why Should You Care?
On the production floor you measure efficiency in minutes; improving your artwork proofing process can shave off DAYS of time in getting jobs on press faster!
Scaling your customer service area is one of the most challenging parts of your business. You can’t clone your best CSRs (yet). It takes months to bring someone up-to-speed.
Customer loyalty is about CONVENIENCE. Getting 6+ emails with a PDF attachments that are hard to view on their mobile phone is NOT CONVENIENT (its maddening)!

Siteline for Label Traxx Artwork Proofing Module:

1. Takes Artwork Proofing out of email and gives your customers easy access via their phones
2. Keeps track of the approved version and makes it instantly available for reorder removes “version uncertainty”
3. Creates an audit trail that is accessible to your customers AND everyone in your CSR department
4. Siteline is deeply integrated into Label Traxx so Artwork Proofing becomes part of your workflow instead of an isolated process

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