Seven reasons why your label printing business needs to offer online tools

Label Traxx Business Development Manager Chris Spooner explains why you need Siteline for Label Traxx if you don’t want to get left behind:

    1. Online access to order products 24/7 is the norm in every other aspect of our lives. Your customers expect it.
    2. Label buyers are starting to demand online ordering in their RFPs. Don’t be the business that has to play catch-up with your competitors.
    3. It’s an angle that your competitors can use to displace you at your existing customers. If you can’t offer online account information, they will take their business somewhere where they can.
    4. You can’t scale your front office without it. Your customer service team is working flat out – online is the only way to increase order volume without taking on new staff. 
    5. Tracking proof approvals through email chains is painful – for both you and your customers. Take days off your time to press!
    6. Your customers are getting younger. They are used to doing everything online and frankly having to speak to a supplier is a burden.
    7. Your customers are demanding faster turnaround times. Getting them to enter their own repeat order details means the job is created automatically in your MIS and just needs scheduling on press.

    With Siteline your customers can:
    • Access their complete order history
    • Place repeat orders
    • View all the products you print for them 
    • View and approve proofs online
    • Collaborate with customers on new custom orders

    Contact us now to review our Siteline online module – your only employee that will work 24/7, on the lowest pay and never take a day off sick!