New video: optimize your internal communications

Label Traxx MIS is highlighting the need for optimized communication across your entire organization in its latest humorous video release called “The Family Shorthand”.

The short film centers around a dysfunctional team of employees who are unwilling to change to a new management software system (MIS). It shows how their quirky ways of working – on the outside of the business’ standard practices – are damaging to cross-company communication.

“Everyone has quirky employees,” jokes Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “The message in this video is that label converters need to eliminate the islands of information that reside in their business.

“Label Traxx provides one framework for all of the departments across your entire business to access. Data flows automatically from one department to the next, saving time, improving accuracy and optimizing communication – both internally and with your customers.”

In management, Label Traxx gives you a single repository to view activities across your whole business. Make your employees accountable. The goal? Streamline your operations, maximize efficiency and improve your profitability.

Is everyone in your business on the same page?

About Label Traxx
Label Traxx is an end-to-end management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability.
Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin, and has an office in the UK, plus an agent in Australia.