Flexible packaging tools incorporated into Label Traxx MIS

Label Traxx, the management software (MIS) specialist for the label converting industry, has announced that new features in Version 8.2 are tailored toward flexible packaging manufacturers. Version 8.2 of the software includes dedicated flexible packaging workflows for companies selling unsupported film, sachets and pouches by weight. 

These new tools help with the accurate and consistent estimating of flexible packaging along with features specifically for flexible packaging order processing. The system not only takes into consideration the weight of the raw material and inks, but also considers other converting options such as additional machine passes to laminate or seal the packaging. In addition, Label Traxx Version 8.2 calculates the weight and cost of any other ancillary items such as spouts, zippers, seals or degassing valves.

The flexible packaging products are quoted in the MIS system in pounds/kilos, and then carried through to manufacturing instructions, order confirmations, packing slips and ultimately the invoice. Purchase orders for flexible packaging materials can also be made in pounds/kilos.

“We have seen that flexible packaging is one of the fastest growth areas for our customers, and it’s an area showing tremendous growth worldwide.” says Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “Companies are moving to becoming a one-stop labels and packaging shop. We wanted to make sure those companies had no barriers to entering this lucrative market. While the converting process isn’t necessarily different – selling by the pound or kilo is unusual with labels. But now, our customers can be confident quoting and manufacturing these kinds of jobs right in Label Traxx.” 

Version 8.2 of Label Traxx is now available.  Contact Label Traxx today for more information and to schedule a demo.