Siteline for Label Traxx at Labelexpo Europe 2017

How long does it take to get a label order from initial customer request onto your presses?

The answer from most label converters is; too long, with too many manual touches. For many labels and packaging printers – customer service is the primary bottleneck to profitable growth. Your customer service team needs more tools to increase their efficiency. Due to the explosion of ecommerce; the customer’s expectation is online access to every vendor they do business with (no exceptions).

Siteline for Label Traxx gives your customer the ability to access all their pertinent label business information online and place reorders from any connected device. Think of Siteline as a self-service customer view so they can interact with you when it’s convenient for them. If a customer needs to look up the details of an order they placed last year for budgeting purposes – they can now do that from their mobile phone, outside of your business hours. The customer’s most valuable resource is their time, Siteline for Label Traxx gives your customers a set of tools that makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to do business with you.

Your business is based on building relationships. Your sales and customer service team need to be relieved of the administrative burdens of processing reorders, answering simply questions about job status, or helping the customer understand all the label products / versions they have printed with you. Siteline for Label Traxx is the equivalent of hiring a dedicated resource to process all the administrative tasks that are keeping your customer service team from building more and deeper relationships with your customers. You cannot automate human relationships – you can remove all the menial tasks that prevent your people from having the time to build relationships.

Label Traxx partnered with Jennifer Matt and Web2Print Experts, Inc, to build Siteline for Label Traxx because the product required a combination of deep label and packaging industry knowledge (from Label Traxx) and the expertise to build a modern, mobile-ready, solution that is brilliantly easy-to-use for the brand owners (from Web2Print Experts, Inc.). The result is a cloud based, software-as-a-service, module built exclusively for Label Traxx that provides an optimal user experience for the brand owners while simultaneously interfacing with Label Traxx to automate many of the administrative tasks currently being done by your customer service team.

“For most label printers, consistent growth is mostly due to incremental increase in business from customers you already have a trusted relationship with,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “The customer service team, who interact with them daily, are the ones driving this business growth. It becomes key to eliminate the manual tasks they undertake – such as processing standard orders – so they are free to spend time building new opportunities with customers.”

The Siteline module will shortly be available for Label Traxx customers in the US, UK and ROI and will be rolled out to other markets in Q4 of 2017. Visit booth 9A10 at Labelexpo for a demo.