Label Traxx Launches Tool for HP Indigo 20000 and EPM Color Mode

Label Traxx MIS has prepared for the launch of the HP Indigo 20000 by including the press’ costing model in the software’s estimating module. The 20000 model prints up to 29” / 74cm wide and is aimed at converters who also print, or are moving into flexible packaging applications.

The speed and cost model of the press has been built into the software prior to general release to give converters a head start. Companies thinking of investing in the press can run trial estimates and do cost crossover comparisons with other press technology they already run or are considering.

Jay Dollries, President at Innovative Labeling Solutions, OH, has agreed to beta-test the press: “It’s critical for us to be able to accurately and consistently estimate jobs on this piece of equipment right out of the gate,” he explains. “Label Traxx has actually enabled us to evaluate whether to make this investment . Since implementing the MIS in 2009, we have been capturing job costing data and we can clearly identify the markets we want to target and the equipment that we need to do that.”

Label Traxx is also announcing that its estimating module will support HP Indigo’s Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM). EPM converts four color artwork into a three color job by using a mix of CMY to create the color black. Using three colors rather than four creates a cost saving and also means that the press can print 33% faster. Label Traxx provides an option in the press record to apply EPM when calculating job costs and quoting them to a customer.

Both features will be released in version 7 of Label Traxx which is being previewed at Labelexpo Europe in September.

About Label Traxx:

In 2013 Label Traxx MIS celebrates its 20th year in business. Label Traxx is an end-to-end management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability.

Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin and has an office in the UK and an agent in Australia. The company can be reached at +1 414 774 9997 or