Label Traxx Announces Investment and Commitment to Growth in Latin American Markets

May 19, 2023 - - - Milwaukee WI. - Label Traxx, a leading provider of Print MIS/ERP solutions for the labels and flexible packaging segment, announced today the company's commitment toward growth in Mexico and throughout LATAM.

The commitments include:

  • A fully dedicated Sales Executive located in Mexico City, Isaac Velasco. Isaac comes to Label Traxx with digital print experience providing cost and profitability analysis for the local HP/Indigo channel serving labels and flexible packaging. Isaac previously consulted throughout LATAM with KPMG, specializing in supply chain, demand planning and auditing
  • A fully dedicated Product Support and Implementation Specialist located in Guadalajara, Elías Álvarez. Elías is backed up by our full support team throughout LATAM and North America. Elias comes to Label Traxx with 7 years at MCC Wine and Spirits as a Product Engineer.
  • Exhibited at Labelexpo Mexico from April 26 to 28, 2023. During the event, Label Traxx met with dozens of customers and prospective customers, validating their commitment to the region and their focus on recent product innovation. Customers using Siteline’s Customer Portal and Batched’s Automated Scheduling also attended.
  • Introduction of a Subscription Pricing Model to the region. This model eliminates the large capital outlay previously required, making Label Traxx more accessible to independent converters.
  • Introduction of recent product Innovation designed to improve user experience, data access and ability to integrate with other software - including local accounting systems. Visitors at Labelexpo Mexico witnessed Label Traxx V9 for the first time. The company emphasized that ease of use generally leads to better adoption and therefore much better outcomes as compared to competitive products that are much more difficult to use.

“Label Traxx has been successful and growing nicely in the region with active customers since 2011,” said Rob Mayerson, President of Label Traxx. “We consider this next level of product innovation and local investment as an opportunity to build on that success.”

Mayerson notes social, economic and industry trends all point to accelerated growth in the region. “If you look at drivers such as labor shortages, the drive toward process automation, the adoption of online ordering, the complexity of scheduling, industry consolidation and more - they all point toward solving the challenges of today and tomorrow with software. Label Traxx is perfectly positioned in the region and in the hemisphere to help the industry we’ve come to learn so well be even more successful.”

Product Innovation

Label Traxx has committed to heavily invest in the product as a means to ensure leadership in the labels and flexible packaging ERP/MIS space. In addition to a completely updated user interface, Label Traxx will be releasing two major enhancements in the coming months.

First, Cloud Data Warehouse will provide secure, online access to real-time data without risk of impacting the core production system. Label converters will benefit from a set of standard Business Intelligence Dashboards or have the freedom to use their own. Label Traxx functions as a label converter’s core data set, its single trusted system of record, and Data Warehouse makes that data more accessible.

Second, Cloud API will be a public, documented API enabling label converters to integrate Label Traxx with other applications in a mixed technology environment. Use cases are endless with the ubiquitous nature of cloud applications today, but common examples include integration with accounting systems, CRM’s, ecommerce, shipping and product labeling systems, and external Warehouse Management Systems.

Mayerson notes, “It’s no accident these new modules are cloud-based. It has been our strategy and intention to incrementally add cloud functionality as the product evolves. This process began with Siteline’s online ordering functionality, extended to automated Scheduling with Batched, and will continue into the foreseeable future.”

Speaking of Siteline, the company recently introduced a brand-new Sales Portal designed to streamline the workflow between Estimators and Sales Reps. “I wake up every day imagining how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees who work in the carpeted areas of label converter operations,” added Jennifer Matt, Founder and Partner. Siteline’s Sales Portal streamlines the process of capturing and conveying specifications, requesting pricing, estimating and quoting. And the workflow shines a light on and provides transparency to a function that has historically been disconnected and opaque.

About Label Traxx

Label Traxx is a leading Print MIS/ERP solution built specifically for labels & flexible packaging printers. With 30 years of expertise serving 500 worldwide customers, Label Traxx improves business outcomes by building software people want to use. For more information, visit