Label Print MIS Doubters – The Homegrown Sequel

Label Traxx announces the first sequel to its film Label Print MIS Doubters Video. This short sequel continues the story of a label printer who moves from their homegrown system to Label Traxx.

Label Traxx MIS launches the first of a series of video sequels to its short film, Innovating with a Homegrown Label Print MIS. The amusing video sequel entitled Label Print MIS Doubters, encourages label converters to embrace change and move into the digital age. Although the message is serious – that business owners should fight internal resistance to change and strive to become data-driven businesses – the address is lighthearted and even includes a label converter CEO making business decisions with an eight-ball.

The two-minute video was inspired by testimonials from customers who repeatedly mentioned how fear of change, or fear of loss of control, was a perceived challenge when implementing their new Label Print MIS. The printers all agree that after implementing Label Traxx the benefits quickly outweighed the fear, and most wish they had taken the plunge sooner.

“It definitely took a while to get people on board with the process,” says Ryan Lees, Packing and Solutions Specialist at Summit Print Corporation in Canada, about their decision to implement a Label Print MIS. “But looking back now, our employees laugh at how we used to do things.” Lees is one of a handful of Label Traxx customers who appear in the video.

Label Traxx has worked with over 600 label converters worldwide and its industry-specific software is designed to streamline operations and offer faster and more accurate access to business data. Experienced support personnel and trainers work with all customers to design and execute implementation plans tailored to their business.

“When we implement Label Traxx, we want to enable label printers to compete in an increasingly data-driven world,” says Label Traxx President Ken Meinhardt. “This video is an entertaining way for us to reassure label converters and inspire them to have the strength to lead the change that is required for their businesses to continue to thrive.”

The film is the sequel to the company’s humorous “Homegrown Label Print MIS Software” video which encouraged label converters to move away from a tangle of spreadsheets towards a single system of record for all operating data.