Top 3 Reasons Why You Must See Label Traxx At Label Congress 2021

Dorothy Asboth, Label Traxx Sales Manager

Label Traxx Sales Manager Dorothy Asboth explains how harnessing the new generation of MIS’ could revolutionize your business. Read her top 3 reasons to visit Label Traxx at Label Congress in Chicago:

The most successful label converters are the businesses that optimize their operations quickly and efficiently through automation, interconnectivity of systems and access to real-time data. MIS software plays a critical part in improving communication and increasing efficiency. Visit Label Traxx at Label Congress to see my following three highlights:

  1. 100% Automated Scheduling

There are hundreds of job parameters to consider when you are scheduling label printing jobs. And there’s always a play-off between the customer’s deadline and scheduling a volume of similar jobs together to minimise make-readies. No human brain can manage it all. So, Label Traxx has integrated with cutting-edge scheduling tool Batched. Batched sequences job tickets using an advanced algorithm based on your company priorities. The result is an optimised schedule with the right job on the right machine at the right time. Batched connects directly to Label Traxx, using your system data to create previously unrealized efficiencies. 

Early adopters have found that these efficiencies add up to big savings in time and money.

2. Online Artwork Approvals

Tracking proof approvals is another time-consuming and lengthy process. Label Traxx MIS has added a new online artwork approvals option to its Siteline product.  Artwork Approvals provides an easy interface for buyers and label suppliers to work online together towards agreement on proofs. Ultimately the tool speeds up the proof approvals process to shorten lead times and get jobs on press faster.

3. Siteline web portal for your customers

It’s 2021. Whenever we buy anything, as consumers we expect to be able to connect online with the retailer. On Amazon we have a complete history of everything we have ever bought and we can re-order it.

Your customers want easy online access to their product information and the ability to view it and place orders at their convenience. Email is not going to cut it as an online ordering strategy in 2021. 

Siteline for Label Traxx provides your customers – label buyers – with online access to order history, order status, a complete and up-to-date catalogue of all the labels you manufacture for them, artwork proofing and approvals, and of course the ability to easily reorder. Make it easy for them to do business with you!

Visit Label Traxx at booth #77 to discuss your company’s workflow and find out how it could be improved. Contact to make an appointment.