New video: Give great customer service

To give great customer service, all the cogs within your business have to work in unison. Label Traxx MIS provides the framework to integrate all these moving parts into one. The resulting improved internal communication means that your customers get accurate answers fast.

And we don’t leave any departments behind! This latest video makes a return visit to the shipping department. If you remember our shipping clerk from the original “Homegrown” video, she had a frankly nutty paper-based system for tracking shipments. Actually it was a nutty “paper-chains” based system.

Now she’s using Label Traxx where packing slips can integrate with UPS and Fedex for realtime shipping status information and pricing. Her job and the customer experience has transformed…despite the fact she is still a little nuts 😉

When everyone is working within the system, we are all talking the same language (even the crazy ones).