• As owner, Dollries was spending too much time building and managing the company’s homegrown management system
  • ILS needed a management system that offered full-time support and a program of continued development
  • Prepress was a bottleneck within their production cycle
  • ILS wanted an MIS partner that would learn about their specific challenges and work with them on a solution
  • ILS needed to be able to deliver on its “print-to-demand” promise to customers and deliver quality, accuracy and consistency over multiple print processes to tight schedules


  • Dollries is now free to work on high-level strategic aspects of the business
  • Prepress is no longer a bottleneck due to the JDF integration of Label Traxx and Esko Artwork
  • The JDF integration has enabled increased throughput through their digital presses
  • ILS is a valued partner of Label Traxx and continues to help shape tools for digital label printers

The Story

When they opened Innovative Labeling Solutions in 1996, Jay Dollries and his partners started a very conventional flexographic label printing operation. Nearly 15 years later, ILS—as the company is widely known—has evolved into quite a different company. The change began when Dollries became intrigued with the opportunities offered by digital printing. But unlike many printers, Dollries did not merely layer on a digital press as an adjunct to a much larger flexo operation. Instead, he sought to add digital printing as an entirely separate business proposition.