Making digital label printing a success with label management software

Investing in a digital label press and finishing equipment is really just one piece in the puzzle to become a successful digital label printing business. Whether you are considering entry into the digital labels market or even if you are a seasoned digital label printer, there are a number of integration and automation tools that address the unique challenges of this industry. Check out our recorded webinar which walks through some of these features:

1. Coping with the volume of digital label orders

The nature of digital label printing means that you will typically experience a higher volume of orders at a lower value. It suddenly becomes more critical than ever that your front end is as streamlined as possible. The cost of administrating a job – creating a quote, creating a job ticket, creating purchase orders for the job, creating shipping documentation, invoicing and so on – is relatively fixed regardless of whether you are printing a $500 job or a $5,000 job. This cost needs to be as low as possible. Label Traxx has several tools for importing multiple product specifications within a group and also importing product numbers and their quantities on to a job ticket. If you have a job ticket with 100 labels on it, importing these details from a spreadsheet will save you a lot of time.

2. Managing digital label art files

Once the front end of a digital label business is streamlined, it’s not unusual for a bottleneck to crop up in prepress. You have an increased volume of orders, typically with a higher number of SKUs on them – and each one of those labels requires art work. Label Traxx integrates with Esko’s Automation Engine prepress software to share data, manage art files, generate proofs and complete other prepress tasks. The integration can also automate the step and repeat function. On a multi-version order with multiple SKUs, the converter can use Label Traxx to “file plan” the job and work out the most effective way to “gang” different labels across the web to minimise the quantity of overs being manufactured or to minimise splicing. Automation Engine will then follow the file plan and create the stepped files instantly. Much of the leg work can then be transferred from the prepress team back to customer service.
Check out the video or contact us to see your own demo of our JDF module and other digital label printing tools we have.