Digital Label Estimating for HP Indigo 8000 Available in Label Traxx

The up-to-date costing model for the new HP Indigo 8000 digital labels press has been incorporated into Label Traxx version 8. Label Traxx customers who have made the decision to invest will be able to generate accurate and consistent estimates immediately. Converters considering the press can also use the cost model to do estimate comparisons in advance, and analyze whether the press is a good fit for their business. The press has been previewed at Drupa and its commercial launch will be at Labelexpo in September.

HP Indigo 8000 for Label Printing

The Indigo 8000 operates at speeds up to 80m/min (262ft/min) in full color  – twice that of the popular WS6800. The digital press is constructed from two WS6800 print engines in line, with a common infeed and outfeed. In operation, the web is accelerated into the first engine which prints an entire frame, then leaves a frame blank in a ‘chequerboard’ pattern which the company calls ‘stamp and run’. The second engine prints a perfectly registered frame in the gaps, creating a continuous roll of printed labels.

Estimate Digital Label Printing Jobs

“As new technology is introduced, we keep ahead of the curve so that our customers are fully-armed as their businesses evolve,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “Digital label printing is changing fast. As a partner of HP Indigo we know it’s critical that our mutual customers are able to accurately estimate jobs on their new digital presses even before they have that press onsite.”

Contact Label Traxx for more information on estimating the HP Indigo 8000 or other HP Indigo digital presses.