• Employees had to wait to access shared computers
  • Customer service were handling large volumes of calls regarding shipment and job status
  • Estimating and order processing was handled manually


  • The eTraxx web portal has enabled customers to view job and shipping status information online and reduced time pressure on customer service
  • All employees have access to Label Traxx and computers are no longer shared
  • Label Traxx handles TLC’s entire workflow, providing a single point of data entry
  • The company’s workflow is now integrated so that order and shipping information pulls automatically across to accounting

The Story

In early 2003, The Label Company in Anaheim, California—a profitable and reliable producer of prime labels serving the western United States—changed ownership. Like many label producers, The Label Company had been a successful family business, opening its doors in 1979 and nurtured by its founder. As in many similar companies, requests for quotation came in on the fax machine, and bids were prepared by hand. A prime label producer, The Label Company serves the personal health care, consumer goods, home improvement and entertainment industries. Since ownership changed, however, sales have more than doubled, and business is growing exponentially in a largely flat industry. This is the story of how the change occurred.