• Time-consuming manual processes
  • Stock-take required large numbers of people and not always accurate
  • MR Label needed a solution for their flexo, digital and screen print business
  • Needed a program and support that would help them manage the challenging and unusual projects they undertake


  • Inventory takes one person one day, rather than six people more than one day
  • MR Label has gone from manual systems to an end-to-end integrated program to handle their entire operations
  • Label Traxx manages all of their print processes: flexo, digital and screen
  • Even complex constructions are handled by MR Label. Label Traxx tech support are on hand to provide advice when required

The Story

Pat Meehan, Jr., with his brother, Tim, and his sister, Bridget, literally grew up in the label business. Meehan’s earliest memory of the label business goes back to when he was only 10 years old, and was recruited by his father, Pat Meehan, Sr., to assemble kits for a customer who wanted 14 different labels in each pack.

The elder Meehan started MR Label as a print jobber from his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1975. (MR, in this case, does not mean Mister. The M stands for Meehan, and the R for a potential partner who opted out at the last minute when the company was formed.) At first, MR Label had no presses, and jobbed out to various label printers any orders that Meehan landed. But finding that customers preferred direct contact with the businesses printing their labels, Meehan installed a single-color flexographic press in rented space behind a bar in the early 1980s. His first installation included a screen press, and ever since MR Label has offered labels printed with either process. The business soon outgrew the space behind the bar, and in the mid-80s moved to a vintage building built in the late 1800s. In 1990, Pat Meehan, Jr., graduated from college and joined the company full time. Pat Meehan, Sr., retired in 2007, joining his wife, who had retired earlier.