• Felitti wanted a manufacturing management software program and not just an estimating program
  • A small team meant the business needed to be as streamlined as possible
  • Needed to be able to analyze customer buying habits


  • Label Traxx provides one end-to-end system that handles the whole business from estimate to accounting
  • Customers can speak to individuals who have cross-functional capabilities and are able to quote, track job status or view schedules
  • Analyzing customer order history in Label Traxx helps to make decisions about whether to stock items

The Story

To say that Labels & Systems, a label producer in Tampa, Florida, is an unusual company is a bit like saying that a platypus is an unusual animal. But unusual does not mean unsuccessful, in either case. Labels & Systems operates in a carved out space in the warehouse area attached to a beautifully restored old cigar factory near downtown Tampa. There are no signs to indicate that a $1 million plus per year label producer is in the building, and the parking lot is a patch of grass near the loading dock. But the story gets better.