• DLI was growing in complexity and the business was struggling to manage thousands of customers and products
  • Lanzi was very concerned about the transfer of large volume of customer data into a new system
  • Needed a system that could handle the folding cartons portion of the business
  • Sales reps wanted to be able to identify customer buying habits and view sales histories when in the office and on the road
  • DLI saw the need for integration with other suppliers such as Fedex and stock suppliers like Avery Dennison


  • DLI has continued to enter into new markets and grow the business, despite the complexity of customer requirements
  • All employees have access to Label Traxx and sales staff are able to closely track customer trends
  • DLI helped to develop the system integration with Fedex
  • Key data was transferred to Label Traxx on implementation so that DLI could get up and running as quickly as possible
  • Label Traxx also manages the folding carton part of the business

The Story

You may have seen some of the labels produced by Diversified Label Images—but only if you have ever been in a retail establishment in the United States or Canada that sells or serves Coke or Pepsi products. From its base in Birmingham, Alabama, Diversified Label Images furnishes shelf labels, pricing tags, and other promotional media that drink and snack distributors use to identify their products. The company provides similar “shelf talkers,” “cooler IDs,” and promotional material to other companies you might recognize: Budweiser, Miller Brewing, Frito-Lay, and a host of smaller regional and specialty suppliers of drinks and snacks.

The promotional offerings are so extensive and complex that Diversified Label Images produces large, specialized catalogs from which Coke and Pepsi distributors may select the items they need. And advertising agencies preparing support materials for localized campaigns or specialized event promotions are often referred to Diversified Label Images because of the company reputation and familiarity with the graphic standards set by the giant drink and snack producers.