• CV Labels needed accurate job costs
  • CV lacked the ability to track material inventory
  • The company had outgrown its manual estimating and record-keeping system
  • The company had suffered a painful and costly time working with a software company to create a bespoke program
  • Managing stock products was complex


  • Better service for customers and less paperwork
  • The ability to accurately and consistently quote flexo jobs
  • Roll tracking system has reduced material inventory and saves time in purchasing
  • Stock products now managed with ease despite customer complexities

The Story

CV Labels, in Irvine, Scotland, opened in 1989 as a two-man company. In 1997, a major expansion added some £400,000 in equipment, and today the company has grown to 16 employees, with sales in the neighborhood of £1 million. The company operates two flexographic presses, producing specialized labels primarily for the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and electronics markets, as well as food and drink. The company supplies thermal ribbons and various printers (including maintenance) to its broad customer base. According to Managing Director Bob Veitch—who is the ‘V’ in CV Labels—the company has technical capabilities which readily permit solving customers’ label problems.