• Running with a pure accounting program did not meet all of the business’ label-specific requirements
  • Needed a program that would work on both Mac and PC
  • Job estimations were not reliable


  • Century Label has drastically increased sales with less people
  • Estimates
  • Acquisition of another label company facilitated as both sites used Label Traxx
  • Wise states that Century is now efficient and profitable

The Story

Although Randy Wise only bought his company, Century Label, a decade ago, he is no newcomer to the label business. His first exposure to the industry was in the late 1970s, in Kansas City. He followed his wife, Geri, to a new job in New Jersey, where he worked with another label manufacturer, and then to Texas, for a stint with still a third label producer. By 1999, Wise was ready to make the leap from employee to owner, and he purchased 25 year old Century Label, an established Dallas supplier of prime labels to both regional and national customers.