• Managing complex cosmetic projects that last up to 24 months
  • Being able to respond to customer demands out of office hours
  • High burden on customer service staff through increasing order volumes and order complexity
  • Chasing artwork proof approvals


  • Implementing Siteline has given customer service a tool to collaborate with customers on projects
  • Siteline gives customers access to their account data 24/7
  • Customers can order repeat projects through the Siteline web portal
  • Siteline job tickets drop straight into the MIS ready for scheduling

The Story

Coveris is one of Europe’s leading packaging companies, with more than 800 million euro in annual sales and over 4,500 customers. The company employs more than 4,100 people throughout its 26 production facilities, and is divided into three business units – Films, Flexibles and Labels & Board.

Amberley’s Blandford site is primarily focused on digital printing, supported by three HP Indigo presses. All of these HP presses offer inline priming along with specialty inks, and can cover the widest of color gamut design requirements as demanded by the markets the company serves. These markets include cosmetics, health and personal care, and other premium sectors in beverage and consumer goods, among others. In addition, Amberley Labels has been a longtime supplier to the artist paints industry, where color matching of specific colors is absolutely critical.

At Amberley Labels’ Blandford facility, the company has begun implementing the new Siteline ordering module from Label Traxx for enhancing its customer service capabilities. The move to Siteline  has allowed Amberley to provide its customers with a new level of customer service.

The Siteline web interface was created by Label Traxx in response to label buyer demands for online access to product information and ordering 24 hours a day. Siteline allows for self-service access for label customers to data about orders, labels and artwork. It also allows customers the ability to perform the simple functions themselves – place reorders, check order status, look at past invoices, packing slips and estimates. With Siteline, label buyers can easily place repeat orders via a computer, phone or tablet, and the jobs then automatically load into their Label Traxx MIS system awaiting scheduling.

“We wanted our customers to have full access to all their product specifications, order history and the Siteline collaboration tools,” explains David Richards, managing director for Amberley Labels. “This is critical for the cosmetics industry where long project timings of 18-24 months result in extensive data, which could otherwise be lost in phone calls and emails. The ability to order online for all customers at all times was a real advantage when making this decision, as we work with many smaller start-up brands with limited procurement resources. The ability to order on your PC, Mac, tablet, IOS or Android from anywhere in the world is a competitive edge for us without doubt.”

Chris Spooner, business development manager, Label Traxx, says, “End users want to move at a pace that is convenient for them. This means they may want to place orders after hours, check inventory levels from their mobile devices, and approve proofs while they are traveling. You cannot afford to burden your customers with having to communicate directly with your customer service staff to get anything done.

“Your customers are on the move and are using their mobile devices as their primary way of connecting online,” adds Spooner. “They are no longer tied to desks and are working at all hours from all places. They want to be able to access information about their orders, their label products and their artwork, at all times, from their mobile.”

Amberley Labels is still in the early stages of implementation at its Blandford site, and the company’s customers are already enjoying the benefits. Richards says, “While we enjoy the daily contact with our customers, there are times in their busy lives where they need information and need it now. Siteline allows immediate access 24/7 to capture information about the range of specifications we hold for our customers, without the need for additional software/hardware upgrades.”

According to Richards, a huge benefit of Siteline is how it allows Amberley Labels’ customers the ability to view a “customer version” of Amberley’s own Labeltraxx MIS. “This allows our team to talk about Siteline with confidence, as they know it’s simply a portal into the system they know and use every single day.  This, in turn, gives confidence to our customers – knowing that we have a team of experts on hand to support them when increasing their use of our new site, which we have branded as ‘Amberley Online.’”

Richards continues, “If you have modified your own internal processes over the years and how you use Label Traxx, then there may be times where you need to amend your own practices to ensure the customers using Siteline make the most of the information available to them. The Siteline team has created a portal that assumes best practices when using Label Traxx, but we all have to admit that in our daily work actions, everyone creates the odd ‘workaround’ here and there, but this can mean the data customers can access is limited.”

All new Blandford customers of Amberley’s are being invited to have access to Amberley Online, which serves as a huge benefit to both Amberley Labels and any start-up business. “Our next stage will be to implement the artwork approval module, then to include further automation via our workflows to deliver customer-approved files directly to press,” Richards says.

User feedback from Amberley customers regarding Siteline has been glowing, Richards says. He adds, “Customers that have received demos have all said what a great system this is, and we have received nothing but positivity. Our customer service team is also seeing huge benefits, but I also appreciate that entering our own orders for over 40 years to a system where customers will place them themselves will require time to adapt, but I am fortunate enough to have a dedicated, award-winning customer service team, who I know will take on this new approach with open arms and sell it to our customers for mutual benefit.”

While Amberley Labels began its rollout of Siteline earlier this year, amid the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Richards notes that Siteline could be a valuable tool when unforeseen circumstances arise. He says, “We were still rolling this out at the time in which the pandemic impacted most, however this would have been the perfect system for us during this time as our customers would continue to have access, regardless of the new circumstances brought on by the pandemic.”

Label Traxx’s Spooner concludes, “E-commerce is expected to ramp up in all aspects of modern life and a label printing business should be no different. Speed to market is key for any brand, and converters should be looking at how they can support their customers. Siteline gives them the buying experience they expect from a modern business and reduces the amount of time between initial enquiry and the order being printed in production. It’s also the ultimate sales tool for reps to offer to new prospects.”