Cost Savings and Increasing Productivity Through Software in Print

It’s great when we see employees ‘doing what they were paid to do’. They carry out the tasks as they were told or see fit, and continue to do so to the best of their ability. But let’s change the game and think about what they could being doing and are we utilizing their skills?

Company A spends 15 minutes on administrative tasks per SKU/sort when creating works orders. With 100 sorts per week, this is the equivalent of three days a week – effectively order entry is taking up 60% of an individual’s time. Dependent on their wages this will have an associated cost to it. What’s yours? If you were told that you could have an extra three days a week to work on building relationships with customers, developing new products and working on improving the business, would you accept?

Company A are forward-thinking and decide to utilize their employees time and skills to greater effect. They search the market for a tool to support them and that tool comes in the form of a specific management information system. After selecting the best fit for them they were able to reduce 15 minutes to 1 minute whilst increasing output. That’s a saving of 93%  and an associated cost saving. What could your cost saving be?

Company A now has single data entry input and can automate their workflow and perform tasks once with confidence. This has created the capacity to focus on technical projects, building customer relationships and focus on improving the business further.

The MIS has allowed Company A to step back and look at the company holistically. They pick up on trends and patterns and more importantly issues that were previously halting growth. This is all encapsulated through meaningful reports and KPI data captured for them without days of running around manually chasing data.  If you are too busy focusing on everyday tasks, then you will fail to notice things that are occurring right under your nose. No matter how big or small you think your company may be, utilize your staff and your time, it’s valuable.

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Chris Spooner is Business Development Manager at Label Traxx in the UK.

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