Choosing a Label Print MIS Solution

Label converters are special, we are 100% confident in that statement because we work with them every day. Label Traxx was built from the ground up to meet the unique needs of the narrow web flexo and digital label printers.

The most common and really expensive mistake we see in choosing a Print MIS solution is when the printer gets sold a system that doesn’t really understand their business. We hear horror stories of label converters who purchased Print MIS solutions that were built for general commercial printers. Imagine this scenario, you’re already taking on a huge project in implementing a new Print MIS and now you’re faced with teaching your vendor about die libraries, unwind directions, and flexography. Don’t believe the sales pitch, you know your label business, you need a software that knows about the label converting business.

At Label Traxx we never want to get into that situation, we don’t sell our product to general commercial printers because we know it would create a lose-lose situation. Its easy to think that printing is printing but when software systems truly understand your business, they create efficiency, when you try and fit your business into a system that it wasn’t intended for, you create piles of frustration!