Label Traxx MIS and ABG streamline digital laser finishing

Label Traxx MIS announces integration with ABG’s Digilase digital laser cutter. The project is the result of collaboration with Label Traxx customer Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS) of Hamilton, OH, Esko and ABG International. The aim of the assignment was to speed up job changeover and increase throughput through ILS’ digital finishing department.

The integration enables the Digilase to pre-process the job in advance so that when a barcode printed on the web is scanned, the digital finisher knows which job it is running, is ready to cut the correct die line and the slitting knives are positioned automatically.

“Our digital label business has been growing fast,” explains ILS owner Jay Dollries. “We already have Label Traxx integrated with Esko’s Automation Engine which has significantly streamlined the flow from order processing to prepress and printing. However, the volume of job changes has meant that a clear bottleneck was looming in finishing. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this project.”

Using Label Traxx’s new API module, an API (application programming interface) was created that feeds the Digilase data in realtime as production is processed. Esko’s Automation Engine creates the step and repeat of the job using data supplied by Label Traxx. There is a trigger in the file plan that runs the API. Label Traxx then creates and transfers the job data the Digilase requires via XML and generates an SVG (scalable vector graphic) file to give the laser a path to cut. The Digilase takes the vector file and plots each burst of the laser. This pre-processing means that when the printed web enters the Digilase, the job barcode is read and the laser is already prepared. Set-up time on the finishing machine is minimized.

“This was a great project to work on with ILS, Esko and ABG,” says Label Traxx President Ken Meinhardt. “Together we have solved a real issue for our mutual customer ILS and we have successfully miminized set-up time on the Digilase finishing machine. This will enable them to finish a higher volume of digital label jobs every day.”

Label Traxx’s API module is available in Version 8 of its software, which is being launched at Labelexpo in Chicago this month.

Label Traxx Label MIS Promotes Digital Workflow Tools at Domino Open House

Label Traxx MIS will be promoting ways to control, grow and optimize your digital label converting business at Domino’s first ever open house event. Domino’s Digital Printing Spectrum Event will be held at the company’s offices in Gurnee, IL on May 4th and 5th.

Along with around 40 other industry suppliers, Label Traxx will be on hand to discuss ways to manage the pace of a digital workflow – whether you are new to digital or have been invested for a while. The MIS system has a number of tools developed specifically to streamline digital workflows, including using JDF to integrate Label Traxx with prepress to automate step and repeat, generate proofs and other functions.

“We are excited to be a part of Domino’s first open house event,” explains Label Traxx sales manager Dorothy Asboth. “We have a lot of experience helping businesses to optimise their digital label workflow and we would like to extend that reach to companies investing in the new inkjet technologies. This should be a great event to reach them.”

The event also includes a number of presentations including a panel session with representatives from converters Smyth, Repacorp, International Label and Printing, McCourt Label and The Label Printers.


Label Traxx MIS Unveils Version 8 at Labelexpo

Label Traxx MIS will be giving an exclusive preview of its software version 8 at Labelexpo. The release will mark the launch of three eagerly-anticipated new modules, as well as a host of other new features.

“The new modules we have developed address key customer and industry demands,” explains Label Traxx President Ken Meinhardt. “We are helping our customers face the challenges of a modern business. They need instant access to accurate data in a format that is meaningful, and they need to be able to share that data with other software systems.”

Version 8 features include:

API Module
The new API module enables you to share data with many other systems that support HTTP and SOAP protocols. This integration could be a simple request of information from Label Traxx or a complicated automatic entry. The API module can be used to link to CRM systems like or shipping manifest and labeling software.

The new Dashboard module from Label Traxx will enable you to view data generated by your business in new ways. From dashboard you can monitor and manage key trends and make informed decisions about the future direction of your business.

Financial center
The Financial Centre module offers a slick solution for managing financial accounting within a multi-plant business. As mergers and acquisitions continue to trend in the packaging industry, this new module allows remote locations to send their financial data securely to a central or main location for reporting. Our new consolidated reporting features allow management to view data by location or combined as a single entity.

Xeikon integration
Label Traxx introduces new two-way communication with the Xeikon press. Previously Label Traxx would send job data and artwork files directly to the press. Now, once the job is finished, toner use is sent back to Label Traxx. This means less data-entry and more up-time on press; and provides instant, accurate job costing data.

Mexican accounting integration
The Mexican Government Tax Authority or SAT, issued extensive, detailed, and complex requirements, for electronic accounting records known as Anexo 24. Label Traxx has modified its management information system software to be fully compliant with all government requirements Including:

• Electronic government certified invoices
• All required monthly reports electronically filed
• Electronic audit reports required upon government requested
• All supporting data ready to be filed upon government request

The new Dashboard module in Label Traxx version 8 enables managers to connect to key business metrics on their mobile device [images are attached]

About Label Traxx
Label Traxx is an end-to-end management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability.

Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin and has an office in the UK and an agent in Australia. The company can be reached at +1-414-774-9997 or

Label Traxx Version 7.2 Focuses on Integration with Strategic Partners

At Labelexpo 2015 Label Traxx MIS introduces version 7.2, with the following enhanced features:

• Estimate and order magnetic tools electronically with Rotometrics through Label Traxx
• This new version of Label Traxx can monitor a folder on your network and when a file is dropped into that folder it will load automatically into Label Traxx – for example, artwork files can be dropped into the product image, approved proofs could be dropped into the job ticket or die lines dropped into the tooling record
• Label Traxx can now pass customized digital “lead-in” and “lead-out” data to Automation Engine, which can be automatically printed at the beginning and end of a run to simplify the job of the finishing department
• New enhanced ink pricing for HP WS6800 and white plus inks to handle “can” charges
• Quote inline priming
“This is an exciting release for Label Traxx,” explains Label Traxx President Ken Meinhardt. “We have developed some great new features with our strategic partners Rotometrics, HP Indigo and Esko, that build on our goal to streamline our mutual customers’ operations as far as possible.”

Streamlining is a key theme at Label Traxx and formed the basis of its humorous “Homegrown” video campaign launched earlier this year. Label printers who want to compete will need to invest in a platform that enables them to control and manage their data internally – and share that data to their customer’s supply chain on request.

Label Traxx MIS is a modular system that includes the following features:

• Estimating for flexo, digital, letterpress, and hot foil label presses
• Contact and customer relationship management
• Job status tracking and visual scheduling
• Data collection and profitability analysis tools
• Roll tracking system for raw material inventory
• Purchasing specific to label operations
• Integrated financial modules, operating in real time
• JDF connectivity to Esko Automation Engine
• Electronic links to label-industry suppliers to automate purchasing and inventory management

Randy Duhaime, Dion Label Printing

Entering the digital label market: webinar with Dion Labels

Webinar: “Don’t go digital without us”


Label Traxx is hosting an open webinar on Wednesday August, 10th, with customer Randy Duhaime of Dion Label, MA. Duhaime will share some of his experience and insight of building a successful digital label business. The webinar will address the common workflow challenges seen when installing a digital press. Find out what to expect and the tools you will need to meet those challenges.

When: Wednesday August 10th

What time:

USA 11:00 Eastern, 10:00 Central, 09:00 Mountain, 08:00 Pacific

Europe 16:00 London, 17:00 Berlin

Register here

Innovating with a Homegrown Label Print MIS – A Short Film by Label Traxx

Label Traxx announces the world premiere of its first short film titled: “Innovating with a Homegrown Label Print MIS”. This approximately three minute film documents the creative – and somewhat astonishing level employees will go to in managing the label converter manufacturing process with unconnected tools including but not limited to post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets.

As the entire print industry now competes in a more connected and data-driven world, the print production process has to become less reliant on instincts and more reliant on data. Your business deserves a trusted system of record that everyone – from your pressman to your sales people – relies on to make better business decisions.

In this short film, Innovating with a Homegrown Label Print MIS, we document how homegrown systems can grow into complicated, manual, and labor intensive processes that only survive due to the brute force of the people you have working for you. “We wanted to tell a story that both educated and entertained, as most label converters on homegrown or legacy/unsupported systems know they have a data management challenge. Our film slightly exaggerates the lengths people might invent in order to manage a dynamic label printing plant using the manual tools at hand.” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt.

As label converters know, the label carries their customer’s most precious cargo – their brand. Customers are taking advantage of a greater set of tools to manage their end-to-end supply chain and everywhere their brand travels. Label printers who want to compete in this everconnected ecosystem will need to invest in a platform that enables them to control and manage their data internally and share that data to their customer’s supply chain when requested.

Optimizing a digital label workflow: Label Traxx customer experience

Here what some of our digital label customers say about using Label Traxx MIS:

Digital label printing needs to be streamlined and efficient. Hear how Pro Label of Miami, True Label Inc of Toledo, Coast Label Co of California and Graphic Communications all use Label Traxx to maintain their productivity and profitability. Contact Label Traxx to arrange a demo to review tools designed specifically for digital label printers. Watch our video on digital order processing workflows.

Label Print MIS Doubters – The Homegrown Sequel

Label Traxx announces the first sequel to its film Label Print MIS Doubters Video. This short sequel continues the story of a label printer who moves from their homegrown system to Label Traxx.

Label Traxx MIS launches the first of a series of video sequels to its short film, Innovating with a Homegrown Label Print MIS. The amusing video sequel entitled Label Print MIS Doubters, encourages label converters to embrace change and move into the digital age. Although the message is serious – that business owners should fight internal resistance to change and strive to become data-driven businesses – the address is lighthearted and even includes a label converter CEO making business decisions with an eight-ball.

The two-minute video was inspired by testimonials from customers who repeatedly mentioned how fear of change, or fear of loss of control, was a perceived challenge when implementing their new Label Print MIS. The printers all agree that after implementing Label Traxx the benefits quickly outweighed the fear, and most wish they had taken the plunge sooner.

“It definitely took a while to get people on board with the process,” says Ryan Lees, Packing and Solutions Specialist at Summit Print Corporation in Canada, about their decision to implement a Label Print MIS. “But looking back now, our employees laugh at how we used to do things.” Lees is one of a handful of Label Traxx customers who appear in the video.

Label Traxx has worked with over 600 label converters worldwide and its industry-specific software is designed to streamline operations and offer faster and more accurate access to business data. Experienced support personnel and trainers work with all customers to design and execute implementation plans tailored to their business.

“When we implement Label Traxx, we want to enable label printers to compete in an increasingly data-driven world,” says Label Traxx President Ken Meinhardt. “This video is an entertaining way for us to reassure label converters and inspire them to have the strength to lead the change that is required for their businesses to continue to thrive.”

The film is the sequel to the company’s humorous “Homegrown Label Print MIS Software” video which encouraged label converters to move away from a tangle of spreadsheets towards a single system of record for all operating data.

Label Traxx Launches Digital Pre-press Tool at DSCOOP 10

Milwaukee, WI, March, 2015 – Label Traxx MIS will be introducing several key features for digital label printers at DSCOOP X in Washington DC from March 5-7. One of the most exciting new developments is an enhancement to the integration between Label Traxx and the pre-press software Automation Engine, by EskoArtwork.

Label Traxx will now be able to pass “lead-in” and “lead-out” specifications to Automation Engine and these can be automatically printed at the beginning and end of a job. The product and job details and your company logo can be added to the technical color for the die line. The die line technical color/separation will then print on the lead-in and lead-out frames for the job. Label Traxx will also specify the number of lead-in and out frames required for that product.

The lead-in and lead-out frames are used to register the labels on the finishing equipment. Enabling Label Traxx and Automation Engine to automatically generate the lead-in/out frames saves a significant amount of time in prepress. Just printing the die-line can also result in ink cost savings as the full artwork is not printed more than required. The number of frames will also be communicated directly, eliminating the risk of mistakes due to manual data entry.

“For companies that were adding this information manually at prepress, this feature will save an inordinate amount of time,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “Passing lead-in/out data from Label Traxx to Automation Engine makes the set-up of digital label jobs even more streamlined – something that’s key when you are dealing with high volumes of smaller jobs.”

Additional enhancements to the integration between Label Traxx and Automation Engine include:
Product status information is now sent from Label Traxx to Automation Engine, which specifies whether a product is new or a re-run with or without changes. Every time a Label Traxx ticket is saved, relevant updated information is automatically sent over to Automation Engine to ensure that the most recent, updated information is always available to prepress. Additional fields are now being sent from Label Traxx to Automation Engine, including the ticket priority, ticket type and tool number around.

The latest release of Label Traxx also includes the new model of click charges for the HP 20000, enabling you to estimate jobs on the press accurately and consistently. There is also a new feature which enables you to store associated documentation within different records in Label Traxx. For example, you might want to file a PDF of a customer’s purchase order with the associated ticket in Label Traxx for future reference. The documentation is stored on the Label Traxx server, but is not stored within the database.

Ask for more details from the Label Traxx team at DSCOOP X booth number 308.

Label Traxx is an end-to-end management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability.

Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin and has an office in the UK. The company can be reached at +1-414-774-9997 or

Label Traxx Launches Version 7

Label Traxx™ has launched version 7 of its MIS software to new and existing customers. Version 7 uses the latest database technology from 4D and includes a host of new enhancements. The new version has tighter roll traceability features and an upgraded custom report writer. Super Reports has a completely revised interface, with a number of new features making it even easier to design and build your own reports.

The new version is compatible with all existing super reports, including the hundreds available online for customers to download and customize.

Two new import features have been introduced. First, similarly constructed products can be created on the fly by duplicating an existing label product and importing new product IDs and descriptions. Secondly a spreadsheet of existing product numbers and their order quantities can now be imported into a Label Traxx production ticket. Both features can save a significant amount of time for companies that deal with customers with large numbers of sorts/SKUs. A new feature has also been added that will quickly apply price updates to all products within a defined product group.

Label Traxx also announces that its estimating module will now support HP Indigo’s Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM). Using HP Indigo’s EPM feature, color jobs use only three inks instead of four, eliminating black ink without compromising on print quality. EPM enables converters to produce color jobs 33% faster, while gaining overall cost savings.

Version 7 provides an option in the press record to apply EPM when calculating job costs and quoting them to a customer. Version 7 is also prepared for the launch of the HP Indigo 20000 by including the press’ costing model in its estimating module. The HP Indigo 20000 model prints up to 29”/74cm wide, is designed primarily for flexible packaging and extends the reach of HP Indigo labels and packaging. Companies thinking of investing in the press can run trial estimates and do cost crossover comparisons with other press technology they already run or are considering.

The new version also features improved currency handling for forex transactions. Improvements to the eTraxx digital storefront module also mean that label converter customers can get instant online quotes for a greater range of digital print technologies too.

“We are delighted with the launch of Label Traxx version 7 and we are enjoying installing the new program at existing and new customers,” explains President Ken Meinhardt. “The new features are a culmination of requests from our install base and will certainly help our customers to further streamline and increase productivity.”