Cost Savings and Increasing Productivity Through Software in Print

It’s great when we see employees ‘doing what they were paid to do’. They carry out the tasks as they were told or see fit, and continue to do so to the best of their ability. But let’s change the game and think about what they could being doing and are we utilizing their skills?

Company A spends 15 minutes on administrative tasks per SKU/sort when creating works orders. With 100 sorts per week, this is the equivalent of three days a week – effectively order entry is taking up 60% of an individual’s time. Dependent on their wages this will have an associated cost to it. What’s yours? If you were told that you could have an extra three days a week to work on building relationships with customers, developing new products and working on improving the business, would you accept?

Company A are forward-thinking and decide to utilize their employees time and skills to greater effect. They search the market for a tool to support them and that tool comes in the form of a specific management information system. After selecting the best fit for them they were able to reduce 15 minutes to 1 minute whilst increasing output. That’s a saving of 93%  and an associated cost saving. What could your cost saving be?

Company A now has single data entry input and can automate their workflow and perform tasks once with confidence. This has created the capacity to focus on technical projects, building customer relationships and focus on improving the business further.

The MIS has allowed Company A to step back and look at the company holistically. They pick up on trends and patterns and more importantly issues that were previously halting growth. This is all encapsulated through meaningful reports and KPI data captured for them without days of running around manually chasing data.  If you are too busy focusing on everyday tasks, then you will fail to notice things that are occurring right under your nose. No matter how big or small you think your company may be, utilize your staff and your time, it’s valuable.

Visit us at and begin your improvements today. Label Traxx is designed, created and supported by label experts for label experts.

Chris Spooner is Business Development Manager at Label Traxx in the UK.

Discuss your business plans with him in person at one of the upcoming events:

HP VIP Event, Israel – February 19-22

FINAT Technical Seminar, Barcelona – March 7-9

Xeikon Café, Belgium – March 20-23.

New video: optimize your internal communications

Label Traxx MIS is highlighting the need for optimized communication across your entire organization in its latest humorous video release called “The Family Shorthand”.

The short film centers around a dysfunctional team of employees who are unwilling to change to a new management software system (MIS). It shows how their quirky ways of working – on the outside of the business’ standard practices – are damaging to cross-company communication.

“Everyone has quirky employees,” jokes Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “The message in this video is that label converters need to eliminate the islands of information that reside in their business.

“Label Traxx provides one framework for all of the departments across your entire business to access. Data flows automatically from one department to the next, saving time, improving accuracy and optimizing communication – both internally and with your customers.”

In management, Label Traxx gives you a single repository to view activities across your whole business. Make your employees accountable. The goal? Streamline your operations, maximize efficiency and improve your profitability.

Is everyone in your business on the same page?

About Label Traxx
Label Traxx is an end-to-end management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability.
Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin, and has an office in the UK, plus an agent in Australia.

Who’s your office “Queen Bee”?

Don’t put the success of your business in one pair of hands. Build a cross-functional team with Label Traxx MIS.

Label Traxx MIS has released the latest in its series of humorous videos. Entitled “The Office Queen Bee,” it features a key order-entry person who is called back into the office on a vacation day to process a complex order. The film highlights the danger of having individuals controlling specific areas of your business and making themselves indispensable.

Label Traxx MIS provides a framework to centralise your business data and promotes a controlled workflow. This makes it much easier for a team to be cross-functional, meaning you are never reliant on just one person. The team becomes indispensable.

“In Label Traxx MIS, your Label specifications and all other key job data are stored centrally,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “There’s no need to keep parts of your data and workflow in other systems – that just creates islands of information. Having an office “Queen Bee” isn’t efficient and will affect your productivity.”

Label Traxx MIS aims to streamline your workflow and increase productivity and efficiency. You have visibility and control of your entire workflow – and your staff get the time off that they have earned and deserve.

As the video says, “Don’t have one mind run the hive. Become a hive mind.”

About Label Traxx
Label Traxx is an end-to-end management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability.
Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee,Wisconsin, and has an office in the UK, plus an agent in Australia.

Siteline for Label Traxx at Labelexpo Europe 2017

How long does it take to get a label order from initial customer request onto your presses?

The answer from most label converters is; too long, with too many manual touches. For many labels and packaging printers – customer service is the primary bottleneck to profitable growth. Your customer service team needs more tools to increase their efficiency. Due to the explosion of ecommerce; the customer’s expectation is online access to every vendor they do business with (no exceptions).

Siteline for Label Traxx gives your customer the ability to access all their pertinent label business information online and place reorders from any connected device. Think of Siteline as a self-service customer view so they can interact with you when it’s convenient for them. If a customer needs to look up the details of an order they placed last year for budgeting purposes – they can now do that from their mobile phone, outside of your business hours. The customer’s most valuable resource is their time, Siteline for Label Traxx gives your customers a set of tools that makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to do business with you.

Your business is based on building relationships. Your sales and customer service team need to be relieved of the administrative burdens of processing reorders, answering simply questions about job status, or helping the customer understand all the label products / versions they have printed with you. Siteline for Label Traxx is the equivalent of hiring a dedicated resource to process all the administrative tasks that are keeping your customer service team from building more and deeper relationships with your customers. You cannot automate human relationships – you can remove all the menial tasks that prevent your people from having the time to build relationships.

Label Traxx partnered with Jennifer Matt and Web2Print Experts, Inc, to build Siteline for Label Traxx because the product required a combination of deep label and packaging industry knowledge (from Label Traxx) and the expertise to build a modern, mobile-ready, solution that is brilliantly easy-to-use for the brand owners (from Web2Print Experts, Inc.). The result is a cloud based, software-as-a-service, module built exclusively for Label Traxx that provides an optimal user experience for the brand owners while simultaneously interfacing with Label Traxx to automate many of the administrative tasks currently being done by your customer service team.

“For most label printers, consistent growth is mostly due to incremental increase in business from customers you already have a trusted relationship with,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “The customer service team, who interact with them daily, are the ones driving this business growth. It becomes key to eliminate the manual tasks they undertake – such as processing standard orders – so they are free to spend time building new opportunities with customers.”

The Siteline module will shortly be available for Label Traxx customers in the US, UK and ROI and will be rolled out to other markets in Q4 of 2017. Visit booth 9A10 at Labelexpo for a demo.


The key to managing your label stock smarter

Label Traxx has launched its latest in a series of humorous short videos aimed at label converters. The latest film, entitled “The AWOL stock manager”, follows raw materials manager Phil who has become a little overwhelmed by the manual processes in his job. Phil seemingly hasn’t left the plant for weeks in an effort to keep track of the the label printer’s inventory.

Label Traxx presents a new solutions to Phil – the software’s roll tracking system means every roll of material is barcoded. It gives you total control of what's in stock and what you need to order. And a full stock take just requires a quick scan of your inventory....which means stock manager Phil will see his kids at Christmas this year – and every year after!

Although the video is intended to be amusing, the message is clear. Label converter businesses that thrive in this data-driven world are the ones that are working smarter, not harder. Label Traxx MIS can make you a data-driven business and help you to achieve your business goals.

“Label stock represents one of the biggest expenditures of any label converting business,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “Our goal is to help our customers manage their material inventory – to decrease the value of material in stock, improve cashflow and generate an exact account of what is required for open orders and what is currently held on the shelf.”

“One of the most important things that Label Traxx delivers to our business, is a set of specifications as to the exact materials that we need,” says Craig Moreland, CEO of Coast Label Company in CA. “It details the face stock, the adhesive and the liner information.”

Label Traxx has worked with over 600 label converters worldwide and its industry-specific label software is designed to streamline operations and offer faster and more accurate access to business data. Experienced support personnel and trainers work with all customers to design and execute implementation plans tailored to their business.

Label Traxx introduces new prospect management/CRM tool

Label Traxx has partnered with sales training and technology provider 3YG to offer a new prospect management tool for label printers aimed at driving revenue growth through better management of the sales process. Sales Traxx provides customers with software as well as a proprietary sales method to deliver sales results that stand-alone CRM technology solutions do not deliver.

“Sales management is the next logical step for our customers,” says Ken Meinhardt, Label Traxx President. “The core Label Traxx software and optional modules have helped users improve efficiencies throughout their operations. Now, Sales Traxx takes that same approach and applies an easy-to-use, systematic approach to the revenue side of the business.”

Label Traxx has provided business management software in the label converting segment since 1993 with modules from estimating and order processing to quality control, scheduling, and accounting. The new sales module uses a similar dashboard visual approach to provide an at-a-glance evaluation of your entire company’s sales pipeline, all the way down to the individual sales rep or prospect account, according to Meinhardt.

“This is about business development and driving revenue,” says Russ Salzer, 3YG owner. “Sales teams, like other aspects of your business can be coached, monitored, tracked and measured to better performance. A steady revenue stream alleviates a lot of other downstream issues in your business and provides the freedom necessary to do many things.”

The differentiator of Sales Traxx technology, however, is in the sales process that it is designed to support.

“Partnering with 3YG allows us to provide customers with hands-on sales team training to improve their sales process,” says Meinhardt. Customers who purchase the Sales Traxx prospect management system receive one-on-one sales training for managers, team training and three follow-up dashboard reviews. By the end of the training, users are working live in the software setting up their prospect and customer accounts.

“The common CRM solutions have it backwards,” says Salzer. “Placing a technical solution over a poor sales process does nothing to improve results. With Sales Traxx we ensure there is an effective, routine sales process and behaviors in place and then we support the behaviors and activity important to growing revenue with the technology. It’s the only way to achieve consistent, long-term results.”


About 3YG Sales Training Technology

3YG is a sales training and technology company that develops sales teams using a simple, intuitive process enhanced with a CRM solution. With a focus on revenue growth, the 3YG sales method results in more self-directed teams and clearly identifiable development opportunities. 3YG’s exclusive CRM technology provides a highly visual tool of both individual and sales team status that allows immediate diagnosis of the sales pipeline, as well as more accurate planning and forecasting.  The sales method used by 3YG has its roots based on the methodology introduced in 1979 by Stephan Schiffman and further developed by Steve Mulch. The company is based in Wisconsin. More information can be found at

Label Traxx advocates workflow optimisation at Xeikon Café

Label Traxx print management software system will show attendees streamlined and automated digital label workflow

 Lier, Belgium,  March 23, 2017 – Label Traxx, the expert in business management software for label converters returns for another edition of the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations 2017 ( taking place 28 to 31 March. With its Label Traxx management software system (MIS) Label Traxx will bring focus to the workflow optimisation of digital label printing.

With 20+ years on the market and consistent ownership through its entire history, Label Traxx has continuously evolved with the label printing industry and provides a single trusted system of record for capturing, managing, and analyzing data created by daily print operations. Label Traxx offers a number of tools to help label printers streamline and automate their digital label workflow, reduce overhead costs, and eliminate the bottlenecks caused by many small jobs in production. The software connects to the Xeikon digital front end using JDF (Job Definition Format) which provides consistency and reliability from job to job. Job data and artwork can be passed over to the press and toner usage information is sent back for costing.

“Our aim at the Xeikon Café is to help label converters be as efficient as possible. With digital print, the need to be streamlined is even more acute,” said Tim Hollins, Technical Print Specialist at Label Traxx. “This exhibition and conference event is a great opportunity to meet label converters from all over the world looking to optimise their digital label workflow.”

Control, grow and optimise label converting

Label Traxx MIS was built specifically for narrow web flexo and digital label printers and provides an end-to-end solution. It was designed to integrate and automate a label converter’s entire workflow from enquiry right through to management accounts. Featuring an intuitive user interface design, Label Traxx is easy to install and operate, and runs on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Label Traxx aims to help label converters achieve their business goals through increased efficiency, improved productivity and better profitability. Attendees to the Xeikon Café can witness the Label Traxx MIS software in use as part of the technical conference program, and also view a tailored demo of the software at the Label Traxx booth.

Label Management Software Creates Zen Press Operators

Label Traxx, the leading label Print MIS solution provider has launched its third video in a series of humorous films aimed at label converter business owners and urging them to modernize and become data-driven companies. Interspersed with real customer interview excerpts, the video series has followed the journey of label converter Gabe, who has moved from a homegrown label management system to Label Traxx, a program that was designed and built specifically for the label printing industry.

The difference with this third video is that Gabe is starting to realize the benefits of his new label print MIS system and reap the rewards. In “Label Management Software Creates Zen Press Operators”, we revisit pressman Ron, who was last seen drowning in an intricate tangle of post-it notes in an attempt to stay organized. Ron has now embraced Label Traxx, is appreciating the benefits – increased efficiency, better scheduling, traceability of job assets and online tools for customers – and has a new, calmer Zen-like approach to his work. He is letting the Print MIS take the stress.

Although the delivery is comedic, the message to label converters isn’t a joke. Label Traxx MIS can make you a data-driven business and help you to achieve your business goals. Label converter businesses that thrive in this data-driven world are the ones that are working smarter, not harder. Label Traxx has worked with over 600 label converters worldwide and its industry-specific label software is designed to streamline operations and offer faster and more accurate access to business data. Experienced support personnel and trainers work with all customers to design and execute implementation plans tailored to their business.

Rob Daniels, VP Sales, Quality Tape and Label Co, GA, explains the benefits his company has seen since implementing Label Traxx at the beginning of the video: “Turnaround time for us on digital orders is roughly 3-5 days now. But before Label Traxx our lead time was around 14 days.”

“We aim to help our customers find the best way to work,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “We can provide a proven route to increased efficiency, productivity and ultimately better profitability. In this digital age, if your workflow is not optimized, you are risking your competitive edge. Our aim is to make sure you are at the front of the pack.”

About Label Traxx

Label Traxx is an end-to-end print management software system designed and built specifically for the label and packaging industry. The company continues to release cutting-edge software to help label converters streamline their operations and increase profitability. Label Traxx is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has an office in the UK. To learn more visit:

Digital Label Estimating for HP Indigo 8000 Available in Label Traxx

The up-to-date costing model for the new HP Indigo 8000 digital labels press has been incorporated into Label Traxx version 8. Label Traxx customers who have made the decision to invest will be able to generate accurate and consistent estimates immediately. Converters considering the press can also use the cost model to do estimate comparisons in advance, and analyze whether the press is a good fit for their business. The press has been previewed at Drupa and its commercial launch will be at Labelexpo in September.

HP Indigo 8000 for Label Printing

The Indigo 8000 operates at speeds up to 80m/min (262ft/min) in full color  – twice that of the popular WS6800. The digital press is constructed from two WS6800 print engines in line, with a common infeed and outfeed. In operation, the web is accelerated into the first engine which prints an entire frame, then leaves a frame blank in a ‘chequerboard’ pattern which the company calls ‘stamp and run’. The second engine prints a perfectly registered frame in the gaps, creating a continuous roll of printed labels.

Estimate Digital Label Printing Jobs

“As new technology is introduced, we keep ahead of the curve so that our customers are fully-armed as their businesses evolve,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “Digital label printing is changing fast. As a partner of HP Indigo we know it’s critical that our mutual customers are able to accurately estimate jobs on their new digital presses even before they have that press onsite.”

Contact Label Traxx for more information on estimating the HP Indigo 8000 or other HP Indigo digital presses.


Label Traxx Partners with Xeikon at Label & Print Show

Label Traxx MIS will be promoting ways to control, grow and optimise your label converting business at the Label & Print show in Birmingham on 24-25 February. The company will be exhibiting on partner Xeikon’s stand (H24) and will be demonstrating how its MIS is essential for a successful digital label business.

“The industry as a whole is pushing towards shorter runs. With higher volumes of orders than ever before, it has never been more essential to optimise your workflow and streamline your admin and operations,” explains Label Traxx commercial manager Jenny Whittle. “We work very closely on integration with other key suppliers like Xeikon. This ensures Label Traxx gives you the tools to manage your business effectively.”

Spring 2016 brings the release of Label Traxx version 8, which introduces new two-way communication directly with the Xeikon press. Previously Label Traxx would send job data and artwork files directly to the press. Now, once the job is finished, toner usage is sent back to Label Traxx. This means less data-entry, more up-time on press, and instant, accurate job costing data.

Label printers, whether conventional or digital, are invited to visit Label Traxx on Xeikon’s stand to discuss their business challenges and how Label Traxx can provide process control.