Label Traxx Announces Investment and Commitment to Growth in Latin American Markets

May 19, 2023 - - - Milwaukee WI. - Label Traxx, a leading provider of Print MIS/ERP solutions for the labels and flexible packaging segment, announced today the company's commitment toward growth in Mexico and throughout LATAM.

The commitments include:

  • A fully dedicated Sales Executive located in Mexico City, Isaac Velasco. Isaac comes to Label Traxx with digital print experience providing cost and profitability analysis for the local HP/Indigo channel serving labels and flexible packaging. Isaac previously consulted throughout LATAM with KPMG, specializing in supply chain, demand planning and auditing
  • A fully dedicated Product Support and Implementation Specialist located in Guadalajara, Elías Álvarez. Elías is backed up by our full support team throughout LATAM and North America. Elias comes to Label Traxx with 7 years at MCC Wine and Spirits as a Product Engineer.
  • Exhibited at Labelexpo Mexico from April 26 to 28, 2023. During the event, Label Traxx met with dozens of customers and prospective customers, validating their commitment to the region and their focus on recent product innovation. Customers using Siteline’s Customer Portal and Batched’s Automated Scheduling also attended.
  • Introduction of a Subscription Pricing Model to the region. This model eliminates the large capital outlay previously required, making Label Traxx more accessible to independent converters.
  • Introduction of recent product Innovation designed to improve user experience, data access and ability to integrate with other software - including local accounting systems. Visitors at Labelexpo Mexico witnessed Label Traxx V9 for the first time. The company emphasized that ease of use generally leads to better adoption and therefore much better outcomes as compared to competitive products that are much more difficult to use.

“Label Traxx has been successful and growing nicely in the region with active customers since 2011,” said Rob Mayerson, President of Label Traxx. “We consider this next level of product innovation and local investment as an opportunity to build on that success.”

Mayerson notes social, economic and industry trends all point to accelerated growth in the region. “If you look at drivers such as labor shortages, the drive toward process automation, the adoption of online ordering, the complexity of scheduling, industry consolidation and more - they all point toward solving the challenges of today and tomorrow with software. Label Traxx is perfectly positioned in the region and in the hemisphere to help the industry we’ve come to learn so well be even more successful.”

Product Innovation

Label Traxx has committed to heavily invest in the product as a means to ensure leadership in the labels and flexible packaging ERP/MIS space. In addition to a completely updated user interface, Label Traxx will be releasing two major enhancements in the coming months.

First, Cloud Data Warehouse will provide secure, online access to real-time data without risk of impacting the core production system. Label converters will benefit from a set of standard Business Intelligence Dashboards or have the freedom to use their own. Label Traxx functions as a label converter’s core data set, its single trusted system of record, and Data Warehouse makes that data more accessible.

Second, Cloud API will be a public, documented API enabling label converters to integrate Label Traxx with other applications in a mixed technology environment. Use cases are endless with the ubiquitous nature of cloud applications today, but common examples include integration with accounting systems, CRM’s, ecommerce, shipping and product labeling systems, and external Warehouse Management Systems.

Mayerson notes, “It’s no accident these new modules are cloud-based. It has been our strategy and intention to incrementally add cloud functionality as the product evolves. This process began with Siteline’s online ordering functionality, extended to automated Scheduling with Batched, and will continue into the foreseeable future.”

Speaking of Siteline, the company recently introduced a brand-new Sales Portal designed to streamline the workflow between Estimators and Sales Reps. “I wake up every day imagining how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees who work in the carpeted areas of label converter operations,” added Jennifer Matt, Founder and Partner. Siteline’s Sales Portal streamlines the process of capturing and conveying specifications, requesting pricing, estimating and quoting. And the workflow shines a light on and provides transparency to a function that has historically been disconnected and opaque.

About Label Traxx

Label Traxx is a leading Print MIS/ERP solution built specifically for labels & flexible packaging printers. With 30 years of expertise serving 500 worldwide customers, Label Traxx improves business outcomes by building software people want to use. For more information, visit

Label Traxx Announces Three Strategic Services Partners Providing Process Improvement, Offshore Software Development Resources, and Accounting/Finance Optimization

April 18, 2023 - - - Milwaukee WI. - Label Traxx, a leading provider of Print MIS/ERP solutions for the labels and flexible packaging segment, today announced it has entered three strategic partnerships to provide a full range of services to the Label Traxx current and future customer base. In addition to the implementation and support services offered by Label Traxx, now customers who need additional resources have a trusted network of partners to choose from.

The organizations include:

  • AMEND Consulting is a specialist in manufacturing with a team that has deep expertise in
    the labels and packaging industry. For label converters looking to establish or improve
    standard operating procedures, or simply don’t have the resources to undertake their digital
    transformation - AMEND is the answer.
  • First Line Software is a premier consulting firm specialized in software development
    solutions. With decades of experience in print, manufacturing, and healthcare, they provide
    services to label converters that allow them to build on top of existing software solutions,
    integrate, and automate without needing to hire internal software development resources.
  • Print Innovation, with a focus on finance and accounting as a strategic driver to cash flow
    optimization. Print Innovation evaluates and optimizes Print MIS investments via a
    consultative approach led by industry veterans who understand the unique aspects of print

In September of 2022, Label Traxx announced the initial phase of its strategic expansion with the integration of the Siteline web-to-print platform and the Batched automated scheduling platform into a unified product suite. This created a fully integrated, end-to-end solution designed specifically for the labels and flexible packaging market. Additional strategic partnerships, such as the ones announced today, provide the company with access to the next level of adjacent skills delivered by partners with proven success in the industry.

“We have been working with these three organizations for some time,” said Rob Mayerson, Label Traxx President. “They have delivered valuable results to our customer base. Leveraging their expertise on an as-needed basis is a more strategic approach to supporting customer growth and automation initiatives.”

Mayerson notes that this is a similar strategy to that employed by ERP solution providers like Microsoft, who assemble a portfolio of strategic partners with specific business process knowledge. “These companies not only fit that bill,” he added, “but they also have an intimate knowledge of Label Traxx and deep access into our product development team. They will help us continue to refine our approach so that we can deliver world-class implementations across the entire spectrum of label converter businesses, from the smallest independent label converter to the largest consolidator. Our goal is to have a set of implementation practices that adapt to the customer’s needs across all aspects of their business requirements: time, cost, and depth of resources required.”

A Focus on Change Management and Operational Excellence with AMEND=

AMEND Consulting is a management consulting company, founded by Craig Todd and David Velie in 2005, specializing in the manufacturing space, including print. Today, the company has 100 team members and several practices that help companies achieve operational excellence through business intelligence, data analytics and establishment of effective standard operating procedures.

“Customers go from wanting to get operationally better to being able to measure how much better they are, and then how they can use data to start looking into future improvements,” said Anthony Gerke, a Partner at AMEND. “We believe transformation can’t only involve people, or processes, or metrics. You can’t focus on one or two of these areas. All three pieces work together to create and sustain meaningful changes in organizations.”

A key element of AMEND’s work process is change management. “Change is hard for people,” Gerke added. “If you don’t integrate change management into your transformation efforts, you will fail. We have created a standardized, streamlined playbook to make change a priority and part of the strategy for success.”

AMEND’s first project with a Label Traxx customer was more than eight years ago, supporting the effective use of Label Traxx, as well as, helping the company improve operational efficiency and analytical capability. The company has continued to work with Label Traxx customers on the recommendation of the Label Traxx team where the customer needs help finishing more complex implementations and more on-site support for full process improvements. “Implementing a new ERP system is not a trivial endeavor; it can be a big undertaking,” Gerke explained. “There are risks to the business if they must figure things out on their own. Getting it wrong can have big repercussions while getting it right can have big benefits. Services are deployed on an as-needed basis, which is more cost-effective than having them hire more people.”

Leveraging First Line Software for Software Development Projects

Founded in 2010, First Line Software is a Cambridge, MA-based custom software development company with engineering teams located throughout the world including the US, Central Europe, LATAM, and APAC regions. The company has a staff of more than 450 people and focuses on custom software development and integrations with practices in several different industry sectors, including print. First Line Software’s technical expertise ranges through artificial intelligence, machine learning, data engineering, and cloud technologies, creating opportunities for printers to leverage their full software environment while partnering with First Line.

“We come alongside printers to create custom software solutions, automate processes, or integrate new software packages into their existing environments, enabling them to expand their options without the added overhead of internal staff,” said Nick Antonov, First Line’s Senior Vice President for the Americas. Going outside with an unknown partner can be risky, especially for businesses without internal IT resources. First Line is a trusted partner who has print industry experience and deep technical expertise with Label Traxx. As Label Traxx makes it easier to integrate via its new REST API, First Line Software provides development resources which already understand the critical context of the Label Traxx data model and API.

Print Innovation: Making the Best Finance and Accounting Decisions

Print Innovation’s Jane Mugford has been working with Label Traxx since October 2021. Before founding Print Innovation 10 years ago, she was the Vice President of Technology and Operations for a large Canadian printing company. While her practice spans a wide range of business areas, for Label Traxx, she and her team are primarily focused on helping customers post-implementation with issues around finance and accounting. The accounting and finance areas benefit from a team that understands the complexity of a custom manufacturing process.

“Print accounting has its nuances, my team learned those nuances by working in various print businesses, therefore we understand the challenges because we have lived them.” Comments Jane Mugford, founder, and President of Print Innovation. The Print Innovation team will provide a backstop for printers who need extra help getting started in the finance/accounting areas as well as assisting printers who are going through difficult labor transitions in the critical areas of accounting and finance. Business transformation hits every area of your business, accounting is no exception.

About Label Traxx

Label Traxx is a leading Print MIS/ERP solution built specifically for labels & flexible packaging printers. With 30 years of expertise serving 500 worldwide customers, Label Traxx improves business outcomes by building software people want to use. For more information, visit

Label Traxx Announces Intent to Merge with Integrated Partners to Deliver a Unified, End-to-End Solution for the Labels & Flexible Packaging Segment

September 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – – via PRWeb – Label Traxx, a leading provider of Print MIS/ERP solutions for the labels and flexible packaging segment, announces today the intent to merge with its two key partners: Siteline (web-to-print and sales portal/CRM) and Batched (automated scheduling and capacity planning). This merger will create the industry’s only fully integrated, end-to-end production solution designed specifically for the labels and flexible packaging market. Label Traxx representatives will be available to discuss this merger at LabelExpo Americas 2022, scheduled for 13 to 15 September 2022 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention center in Chicago. Label Traxx will be located in Booth 5920 at the show.

Close Collaboration Results in Seamlessly Integrated Solution

For the last six years, Label Traxx has collaborated with Siteline to develop and deploy a web-to-print solution that enables label customers and distributors to reorder, approve artwork, pay invoices, and manage their label product catalogs online. Siteline’s software integrates seamlessly with Label Traxx to provide a modern customer experience while maintaining Label Traxx as the system of record. Customer experience with this integration has reduced the time jobs spend in customer service by two days or more, resulting in jobs getting to press faster.

For the last three years, Label Traxx has collaborated with Batched to develop and deploy production optimization solutions specifically targeting the unique needs of label printing; including automated scheduling, capacity planning and operational dashboards. The Batched solution enables production teams to thrive under the pressures of supply chain constraints, the growing demand for short run digital, and shorter turnaround times along with more traditional, long run flexo operations. This integration allows production operations to more efficiently schedule and manage increasingly complex, multi-step production environments.

“We are approaching our 30th year in business; over the last six years we have cultivated partners to accelerate our innovation. Now it’s time to consolidate the portfolio and the teams to bring a well-coordinated and seamless solution to the industry,” said Ken Meinhardt, Label Traxx Co-Founder.

Real-World Development Based on Actual Customer Needs

The shared history and ethos of these companies make this merger a culmination of many years of partnership. All three solutions have roots back to ILS Labels of Ohio and its former owner, Jay Dollries. Label Traxx and ILS collaborated on their traditional flexo workflows as well as support for each new HP Indigo press, and Siteline and Batched were solutions built to meet ILS Labels’ evolving and growing business needs. 

Label Traxx, Siteline, and Batched have similar cultures, believing that software that delivers a return on investment is built iteratively with the customer, not theoretically by committees several steps removed from the customer’s reality.

Traditionally, web-to-print as a solution segment in the print industry has either focused on direct-to-consumer applications (B2C) or specific solutions for customers who have large catalogs that need to be ordered by large groups of people (e.g., franchises, sales teams, resellers). Siteline is a web-to-print solution designed specifically for the current customers of labels and packaging printers. These brands exchange hundreds of emails daily with their labels and packaging partners, which can cause confusion, errors and delays. Siteline is specifically designed to improve how label buyers interact with printers, consolidating these communications into a single view.

“I have been in the commercial web-to-print space for 25 years,” commented Jennifer Matt, Siteline’s founder. “In 2017, I immersed myself in the label segment with Steve Smith, founder of Lightning Labels and Wizard Labels. My company helped evolve Wizard Labels from a prototype to a scalable B2C solution as well as integrating it to Label Traxx at ILS. I saw the need for a specific solution to address the tremendous labor required in customer service as well as the need for an online portal for existing B2B customers. Siteline is designed to provide customers convenient online access which results in jobs on press days faster using less labor.”  

Label converting is more than just printing, it can involve three, four, five, and sometimes six different machines in a single order. Scheduling at any scale has exceeded the capacity of even the most skilled and tenured employees. Schedulers deserve a set of tools that enable them to thrive under these complex situations.

“Batched is focused on deploying tools to support the operations and supply chain functions of the label printer,” Matt Murphy of Batched stated. “We started with automating the scheduling process and have since added capacity planning and operational dashboards. These dashboards allow the printer to literally measure their ROI daily. Our roots are in the shop floor, and we know how important it is for software to make the lives of our customers easier, as well as add real value and profit back into the business.”

Organizational Consolidation Supports a Unified Approach, Seamless Experience for Customers

For the last year, Label Traxx, Batched, and Siteline have been working diligently to consolidate operations across sales, support, professional services, and product development. This consolidation results in a unified approach to supporting existing customers, building a team that has complementary skills sets. The unified solution includes the Label Traxx trusted system of record using a data model built over the last three decades in collaboration with some 500 global customers. Siteline provides the front-end web application for optimizing the front office, and Batched provides the web application for optimizing the production floor.

The ownership / leadership group will consist of Ken Meinhardt (Label Traxx), Jennifer Matt (Siteline), and Matt Murphy (Batched), with no outside investors.  Rob Mayerson will lead day-to-day activities and the consolidation of operations as President. “Label customers of all sizes are participating in rapid consolidation,” Mayerson noted. “We are investing in the ability to service growing organizations with the upcoming release of Label Traxx Enterprise, which will support multi-site operations. Siteline and Batched are tightly integrated into Label Traxx while at the same time ‘loosely coupled’ to Label Traxx which means that in mixed ERP environments, Siteline and Batched will be able to work across the Enterprise. The new REST API from Label Traxx will extend the ability to connect Label Traxx to external systems.”

The merger solidifies an already tightly integrated end-to-end solution for the labels and packaging space, positioning it well for future development, including migration to the cloud.

“Label Traxx is looking forward to this new step in its journey to provide a best in class, end-to-end, solution for its customers,” Meinhardt  added.

Label Traxx will be conducting a webinar at 11 AM Eastern on September 7, 2022, explaining this intent to merge and previewing LabelExpo product announcements. Register for the webinar.

For more information about this end-to-end, fully integrated solution for labels and flexible packaging, visit or contact us.

Note to Journalists: To schedule a one-on-one meeting at LabelExpo with Rob Mayerson, email or schedule a meeting with Mayerson here.

About Label Traxx

Label Traxx is the leading MIS/ERP solution for the labels & flexible packaging segments of the printing industry. With 30 years of expertise serving 500 worldwide customers, Label Traxx is recognized as a proven partner who can help you modernize your business. The team is passionate about using deep experience and technology to improve the lives and businesses of their customers. For more information, visit

About Siteline

Siteline is an online web-to-print platform built specifically for the labels and flexible packaging challenges of order entry, artwork approval, and customer catalog management, especially as the number of smaller orders continues to grow and turn times decrease. Born from an organization with 25+ years of consulting and software development experience and by an industry thought leader who has helped dozens of printing and packaging companies modernize, Siteline creates customer loyalty through the convenience of self-service and delivers jobs to press days faster by optimizing the efficiency of your customer service organization.

About Batched

Batched is an advanced planning and scheduling solution to automate and optimize your manufacturing process. Born out of first-hand experience on the production floor, Batched was built to solve the toughest challenges that printers and packaging converters face in today’s ever-changing and challenging manufacturing environment.

Label Traxx Online Orders: What the Brand Owner Sees

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you.

Brand owners want self-service access to data about their orders, labels and artwork. They also want to do the simple things themselves – place reorders, check order status, look at past invoices, packing slips, and estimates.

With Siteline, label buyers can easily place repeat orders via a computer, phone or tablet, and the jobs then automatically load into your Label Traxx MIS system awaiting scheduling. Check out what the brand owner sees in this short video.

Contact us for your demo now.

Label Traxx Online Artwork Approvals: Get Jobs On Press Faster

Label Traxx online Artwork Approvals take the hassle out of chasing proofs.

Tracking proof approvals is a time-consuming and complex process. Label Traxx’s new Artwork Approvals tool provides an easy interface for you and your label-buyer customers to work together online towards agreement on proofs. Speed up your proof approvals process and get jobs on press faster.

Contact us for your demo now.

Batched Scheduling for Label Traxx: Make More, Faster

Batched is an advanced production planning and scheduling tool. Label converters using the automated scheduling tool in conjunction with Label Traxx are seeing great results:

• Boosts Machine Utilization

• Takes the guesswork out of capacity planning

• Reduces material waste

• Reduces lead times and maximize on-time delivery

• Improves margins

Contact us for your demo now.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Must See Label Traxx At Label Congress 2021

Dorothy Asboth, Label Traxx Sales Manager

Label Traxx Sales Manager Dorothy Asboth explains how harnessing the new generation of MIS’ could revolutionize your business. Read her top 3 reasons to visit Label Traxx at Label Congress in Chicago:

The most successful label converters are the businesses that optimize their operations quickly and efficiently through automation, interconnectivity of systems and access to real-time data. MIS software plays a critical part in improving communication and increasing efficiency. Visit Label Traxx at Label Congress to see my following three highlights:

  1. 100% Automated Scheduling

There are hundreds of job parameters to consider when you are scheduling label printing jobs. And there’s always a play-off between the customer’s deadline and scheduling a volume of similar jobs together to minimise make-readies. No human brain can manage it all. So, Label Traxx has integrated with cutting-edge scheduling tool Batched. Batched sequences job tickets using an advanced algorithm based on your company priorities. The result is an optimised schedule with the right job on the right machine at the right time. Batched connects directly to Label Traxx, using your system data to create previously unrealized efficiencies. 

Early adopters have found that these efficiencies add up to big savings in time and money.

2. Online Artwork Approvals

Tracking proof approvals is another time-consuming and lengthy process. Label Traxx MIS has added a new online artwork approvals option to its Siteline product.  Artwork Approvals provides an easy interface for buyers and label suppliers to work online together towards agreement on proofs. Ultimately the tool speeds up the proof approvals process to shorten lead times and get jobs on press faster.

3. Siteline web portal for your customers

It’s 2021. Whenever we buy anything, as consumers we expect to be able to connect online with the retailer. On Amazon we have a complete history of everything we have ever bought and we can re-order it.

Your customers want easy online access to their product information and the ability to view it and place orders at their convenience. Email is not going to cut it as an online ordering strategy in 2021. 

Siteline for Label Traxx provides your customers – label buyers – with online access to order history, order status, a complete and up-to-date catalogue of all the labels you manufacture for them, artwork proofing and approvals, and of course the ability to easily reorder. Make it easy for them to do business with you!

Visit Label Traxx at booth #77 to discuss your company’s workflow and find out how it could be improved. Contact to make an appointment.

Label Traxx Appoints New President

Label Traxx President Rob Mayerson

With an eye on growth and continued product development, Rob Mayerson has been appointed President of MIS Software Developer Label Traxx.  Mayerson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from leading organizations in the printing industry, including Chief Technology Officer at Sandy Alexander.

Mayerson will be responsible for leading the business while growing key partnerships that add value to label converters around the world. Founder, Ken Meinhardt, will continue as Chief Executive Officer with a focus on strategy and product.

“I look forward to joining the experienced team building an amazing product that has been entirely focused on label converters for over 25 years,” says Mayerson. “I am enthusiastic about significant enhancements under development and our longer-term road map.  We are committed to continuing the evolution of our product and partnerships to serve customers in a more open and connected industry.”

Mayerson will join the Label Traxx team at the Label Congress in Chicago later this month where the company will be showcasing partnerships that offer fully automated scheduling and online customer engagement

“We are focused on helping label converters transform digitally.” he adds, “This is to serve their customers more effectively, to have better, more reliable information to inform decisions, to automate, and connect.”

Visit Label Traxx at Label Congress in Chicago booth #77 and find out how Label Traxx can help your business.

How COVID-19 accelerated Label King’s digital transformation

Robert Parker, CEO, Label King, CA

When the pandemic hit, Robert Parker, CEO of Label King, CA, knew the company needed to streamline its workflow and provide online tools.

Robert Parker admits that prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, his company, Label King, was using its Label Traxx software relatively minimally. 

“We were just doing the basics – estimating, packing slips, job tickets – that sort of thing,” he says. “But then Covid hit, and suddenly we had employees working remotely. So, we went on a journey with the goal of simplifying things, and part of that simplification process was our move to use Label Traxx to create purchase orders and invoices. And since doing, things have been so much easier for us – my only regret is not doing it sooner.”

Based in San Diego, CA, Label King has been in business since 2002 serving a multitude of end-use markets, and since that time has printed more than 2.9 billion labels. Not only is that a lot of labels, but also a lot paperwork. 

“Prior to transitioning to Label Traxx, we used Quickbooks, and were dealing with so much extra paperwork while slogging through redundant data entry processes. Label Traxx has allowed us to become completely streamlined,” Parker says. “An order comes in, Label Traxx creates a job ticket, confirmation and invoice – all at once. The confirmation goes to the customer to confirm price and quantity, next the ticket then goes to production, then we print the labels from the job ticket and ship using the packaging slip. We then invoice straight from the packing slip.

“We’ve gotten rid of so much paper, and we are no longer bogged down with redundant product entry,” Parker says, adding, “Plus, being able to invoice faster helps our receivables – the quicker you invoice, the quicker you get paid.”

The Label King team was easily also brought up to speed on the software. “It’s very intuitive,” Parker says. “Our staff was able to get dialed in very quickly.”

Label King is in the early stages of its digital printing journey, and one of its first moves was to hire Turi Fiske, an experiencesd graphic designer with a deep understanding of the labels and packaging industries. In addition to adding Fiske, who spearheads the new digital department, the company also opted to invest in Siteline from Label Traxx – a web portal for end users to order labels, review their products and view order history. The tool is proving to be a tremendous customer service asset and is poised to play a critical role in the new digital department. 

“With Siteline, we’re so much more efficient with large, multi-line orders,” Fiske says. “Order entry has been decreased dramatically. As we start serving more and more customers with needs for several SKUs, we want to make things as easy as possible for them. And providing them with the ability to place their own orders with Siteline accomplishes that.”

As Label King ramps up its digital business, Siteline is a key component. “It’s a real value-add and a huge time-saver. It’s so intuitive,” Fiske says. “Being mobile-friendly and visual are just a couple aspects of Siteline that will make a real difference for our customers – and they are going to love it.”

Parker acknowledges that its investment in Label Traxx and Siteline is helping take Label King to a whole new level. “If we did things the old way, it would be a nightmare.” He concludes, “Our goal is to continue growing our business with the great team we have in place, and the way to do that is increasing what they are able to do with enhanced efficiency – and we are well on our way to doing just that.”

Label Traxx MIS integrates with for automated scheduling

Reviewing press capacity in Batched

Label Traxx MIS announces its integration with to provide label converters with a cutting-edge automated scheduling tool. 

Batched is an automated scheduling tool for label printers that sequences job tickets using an advanced algorithm resulting in the best job, on the best machine, at the best time – every time. Batched connects directly to Label Traxx, leveraging your data to create previously unrealized efficiencies that add up to big savings in time and money.

Batched also includes advanced reports providing insight into capacity planning, real-time order status, key business indicators and more, increasing productivity across all areas of your business. 

“It’s an impossible task for a human to consider all the variables necessary to produce on optimized production schedule in real time, that balances customer requirements,” explains Label Traxx MIS president Ken Meinhardt. “Our collaboration with Batched gives our customers cutting-edge technology to generate an automated and optimized schedule.”

Most printers struggle to optimize the entire planning and scheduling process due to the number of variables that need to be juggled. Changing lead times, machine and labor constraints, machine changeovers and waste all need to be taken into consideration. With Batched you establish a set of rules and priorities to tailor the program to your specific manufacturing environment. You customize your machine and labor availability and Batched generates a real time production schedule for each order and machine based on your priorities. Once the rules are established, generating the complete schedule is automated.

“Batched unlocks the potential of label printing businesses by generating efficiency and additional capacity for physical assets and team members alike,” explains Spencer Keith, Business Development Analyst at Amend, the consultancy behind Batched. “Customers can expect immediate material and time savings, increasing utilization and throughput while streamlining operational and communication processes. Batched integrates seamlessly with Label Traxx; you keep your systems while reaping the benefits of automation.”

Keith explains that one customer has seen the following results over the course of a year:

  • Machine Utilization increase by 13% 
  • Material Waste decrease by 20%        
  • Lead Times decrease by 11% 
  • On Time Shipments stabilized >95%
  • Gross Margin Increase by >3%           
  • Sales Increased by 10%

“This all adds to BIG savings in time and money,” he says, “not to mention, you and your scheduler can finally take a vacation.”

Label Traxx customer CLOV (Creative Labels of Vermont) recently began their implementation phase and president Dwane Wall is positive about the results:

“Between Label Traxx, Siteline and Batched, CLOV will have some of the best automation tools and customer relationship management tools available in the industry,” he says. “I’m proud to be part of all of these teams.”

Please contact Label Traxx to discuss your requirements and arrange your demo of Batched.