The key to managing your label stock smarter

Label Traxx has launched its latest in a series of humorous short videos aimed at label converters. The latest film, entitled “The AWOL stock manager”, follows raw materials manager Phil who has become a little overwhelmed by the manual processes in his job. Phil seemingly hasn’t left the plant for weeks in an effort to keep track of the the label printer’s inventory.

Label Traxx presents a new solutions to Phil – the software’s roll tracking system means every roll of material is barcoded. It gives you total control of what's in stock and what you need to order. And a full stock take just requires a quick scan of your inventory....which means stock manager Phil will see his kids at Christmas this year – and every year after!

Although the video is intended to be amusing, the message is clear. Label converter businesses that thrive in this data-driven world are the ones that are working smarter, not harder. Label Traxx MIS can make you a data-driven business and help you to achieve your business goals.

“Label stock represents one of the biggest expenditures of any label converting business,” explains Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “Our goal is to help our customers manage their material inventory – to decrease the value of material in stock, improve cashflow and generate an exact account of what is required for open orders and what is currently held on the shelf.”

“One of the most important things that Label Traxx delivers to our business, is a set of specifications as to the exact materials that we need,” says Craig Moreland, CEO of Coast Label Company in CA. “It details the face stock, the adhesive and the liner information.”

Label Traxx has worked with over 600 label converters worldwide and its industry-specific label software is designed to streamline operations and offer faster and more accurate access to business data. Experienced support personnel and trainers work with all customers to design and execute implementation plans tailored to their business.