Automating Your Scheduling Process: Making Data Driven Decisions

Does your label converting business manually schedule jobs or compile data? Shifting from manual to automated data compilation can improve schedule management, communication with customers, and make it easier to shift gears in accordance with your business metrics.

Join Rod Baehner, VP of Operations at Steinhauser, and Matt Murphy, Founder of Batched for Label Traxx, as we discuss how automating Steinhauser's scheduling process resulted in more immediate, actionable, and trustworthy data — enabling them to increase volume and schedule more tickets per day, as well as have more predictable financial performance.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023
10am Central, 11am Eastern

Matt Murphy – Batched for Label Traxx
Matt Murphy,
Founder, Batched for Label Traxx

Rod Baehner – Steinhauser
Rod Baehner,
VP of Operations, Steinhauser