About Label Traxx

Label Traxx is the leading MIS/ERP solution for the labels & flexible packaging segments of the printing industry. With 30 years of expertise serving 500 worldwide customers, Label Traxx is recognized as a proven partner who can help you modernize your business. We are passionate about using experience and technology to improve the lives and businesses of our customers.



Label Traxx™ was founded in 1993 as a job management system for flexographic and digital label printers with a strong focus on the unique needs of the industry. Widespread adoption and customer input have led to the continual introduction of new features and services.

Some examples:

  • Complete Accounting: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & General Ledger.
  • Automated shop floor data collection.
  • Inventory management supported by handheld barcode scanning.
  • Integration with Prepress Automation Systems.
  • Integration with Substrate Suppliers.
  • Integration with Inspection and Manufacturing Equipment.
  • Online Ordering and Product Management.
  • Web based, advanced Planning and Scheduling.

Market Presence

Label Traxx currently supports 500 customers around the world. We support over 10,000 users in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Australia in a range of languages and currencies.

Label Traxx Today

Today, we are a modern organization developing software and providing a range of Professional Services around the globe.

We are innovating to bring the latest and most effective strategies to your implementation. And our support team is growing globally and developing resources for our customers.

Our products are being aggressively updated and modernized as they transition to the cloud. We look to provide solutions designed for today’s market demands: industry consolidation, supply chain and labor challenges.